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Yesterday, UNYQ competed in the REAL 2016 “REAL Deal Startup Competition, revealing the world how 3D printing can bring a new touch of manalization to existing prosthetics. It appears that UNYQ’s thought is begining to become less one-of-a-kind, as new beginups have picked up on the version of 3D printing prosthetic covers. New York-based Create Prosthetics has leapt onto the trend with their own customization options for prosthetic wearers. To show them off, the beginup has made 3D-printed covers for bilateral amputee and Paralympic bobsledder Corie Mapp.

Create Prosthetics' 3D printed prosthetic covers for paralympic bobsledder Corie Mapp

After being injured by an improvised explosive device (IED) while acting as a soldier in Afghanistan, Mapp lost both of his legs. The Lance Corporal in Great Britain’s Household Cavalry was outfitted with prosthetic limbs, with that he has since become the 2nd major competitive bobsledder in the world. And, while racers typically begin in a seated position in the Paralympic Bobsled competition, Mapp and others have begun to explore the possibility of push-begining the bobsled, as occurs in the traditional Winter Olympics. This year, in Park City, Utah, Mapp became the initially double amputee to push-begin and load a bobsled, breaking new ground for the Paralympics.

3D printed prosthetic covers paralympic bobsledder Corie MappUpon seeing this achievement, Create Prosthetics founder and CEO Jeff Erenstone reached out to Mapp as a sponsor. Mapp, who became the beginup’s initially sponsored athlete, asked that his prosthetic leg covers be adonred with the logo of his favourite football team, Arsenal, and an image of a bobsled. Erenstone said of the partnership, “We are quite excited to partner with Corie, and we can’t ponder of a advantageous man to represent us and our brand. He is the real deal, a super humble guy, and a hard-working athlete.” Mapp commented, “If we sit at home, pile loads of mass on and feel sorry for ourselves, things go downhill. Sport helps me remain fit and competitive, and keeps me mentally sharp.”

To see Mapp in action, remain tuned for the 2016 Paralympic Bobsled World Championships March 18-19 in Park City, Utah, where Mapp can surely be wearing his sporty new covers and delivering the endless possibilities of 3D printing onto the world stage.

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