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Blue Eagle Labs Killing It on Kickstarter Again: Check Out the Metal Delta 3D Printer & Do It Fast!

by • August 8, 2016 • No Comments

logo (14)As most of you out there understand, starting a new business is an experience filled with excitement on the upside and fraught with challenges on the downside. No matter how excellent your product is, unless you are independently wealthy and eager to spend, raising capital is crucial.

Kickstarter has pretty infused new life into the world of inventors, yet, as well as contributeing an expedient way to raise cash—mainly for those with a product that truly has a thing to contribute the of the world consumer base appearing for the upcoming amazing innovation—with a worthwhile early bird discount.

It is a excellent feeling getting in at the outset of one of these rare campaigns that set Kickstarter on fire approximately immediately. These campaigns are pretty few and far between these days, but when one comes along, both the energy and escalating momentum are contagious. This frequently in addition indicates a superstar in the manufacturing, unquestionably for the product, and hopefully for the creator as well. You can manufacture your mind up for by yourself as to what the next can hold for Blue Eagle Labs.


The Metal Delta showcases an all-metal frame.

Headquartered in San Diego, this 3D printing developer had previous good results on Kickstarter (raising an astounding $266,337) with their Kossel Clear 3D printing device in 2013, in addition an low-cost, full dimensions Delta machine.

Now, their 2nd Kickstarter commence, with the Metal Delta 3D printing device, showcases a machine contributeing improvements on their previous create.

Beginning at $499, you can back this campaign and obtain a PLA Early Bird Kit. If you’d gotten in just a bit earlier (um, just a mere few days ago after the commence), you may have ordered the ABS Early Bird Kit—but they are all gone. Yes, quite. There are numerous other options, yet, showcasing different types of upgrades and packages. This campaign, commenceed on August 4th, in hopes of raising just a humble $10,000 has aleager additional than doubled that at $21,700 (as of the time of editing). It is going to be amazing to see if the momentum stores up in this style for the sequel to the Kossel Clear, contributeing:

More durable steel partsHigher resolutionLarger volumeMore upgrade contributeingsDesign improvements of the open-source community


The Metal Delta has been tested and ‘iterated to perfection,’ and promises to contribute you a high-quality 3D printing device that can allow you to appear forward to relitalent and accuracy. With an all-metal frame, the Metal Delta contributes the rigidity necessary for both accuracy and repeattalent, according to Blue Eagle.

“The create incorporates strategic bends and cut patterns that manufacture assembling a delta so much easier,” states the team on Kickstarter. “Slots have been createed to easily mount different types of parts, such as hotends and extrusions. Holes are pre-tapped so that different types of other parts can easily be bolted on exactly such as motors, endstops, and extruder mechanisms.”

With a create volume of 250mm diameter x 280mm height, the developer believes you can find a advantageous cost ration than virtually any other printing device:


The Metal Delta allows for for faster auto-calibration, additional accurate prints, and an effector that is effortless to swap. This is due to the use of specialized jigs and zero-backlash arms with a maximum of 50 microns variation in length inside a set.

“Some of you may understand Haydn Huntley of the delta bot forum,” states the team on Kickstarter. “We are contributeing his upgraded ball joints and arms, that are created of precision CNC delrin sockets, incredibly light carbon fiber tubes, chromed ball studs and 1kg holding force magnets.”

Numerous upgrades are on the market too, including:

Laser engraver – works with a variety of materials to include different types of woods, paper, and cardboard. Safety glasses, a UV shield, and a python script for generating code are included as well. See the Kickstarter page for additional information on this particular module, as they are selling it separately, with a safety waiver.Dual extruder – allows for for excellenter complexity and use of color. Blue Eagle is striving for dual filament output that eliminates oozing.GeckoTek create plate – this upgrade contributes a additional high end print bed. Boasting a permanent coating, it allows for for the most adhesion possible without warping.MKS Base 32 bit Controller w/ High Resolution Stepper Motors – purchasing this upgrade means that you have the talent to double the resolution of your Metal Delta.

Each printing device comes with a free commercial subscription to Autodesk Fusion 360 for a limited time and with specific details (see Kickstarter). It is significant to store in mind in addition that the Metal Delta is compatible with numerous slicing programs.


This printing device kit is quite effortless to create out.

The unit was fully tested by a number of users who in addition provided the same service for the Kossel Clear preceding it was commenceed. The company in addition contribute a helpful forum if you are interested in sharing or receiving input on Blue Eagle 3D printing devices.

“Since this is our 2nd Kickstarter, the risks involved in backing this project are quite low. We are fully confident that we can handle our donate chain quite well,” states the team on the Kickstarter page. “Furtheradditional, a excellent amount of our part inventory is aleager in stock. Extrusions, electronics, motors have aleager been ordered preceding, and all we require to do is reorder.”

See at a lower place for additional stats regarding this new printing device, along with a video full of information and colorful visuals. Discuss additional in the Metal Delta 3D Printer forum over at 3DPB.com.

Movement speed: 320mm/s (20T); 150mm/s (15T)Movement resolution: 100 steps per mm, 200 steps per mm (upgraded); translates to approx 30 microns or 15 microns upgradedBuild Plate: 250mm diameterBuild Height: 280mmPrint Surface: Borosilicate Glass or upgrade to GeckoTek Build PlatesAuto calibration