Started by Rahul Thayyalmkandy and Prad Lal back in 2014, the 3D market platform Blokko has been working to take illustrative comics and stories off of the paper and onto the 3D print bed, in the form of 3D printed toys. We covered their journey last year, and saw their one-of-a-kind platform in action with a 12.5 cm tall figure of the Untold Tales of Bigfoot. Since and so, Blokko has gone on to expand upon and enhance their community of storytellers and 3D createers, creating a one-of-a-kind platform that to me, looks like a mixture of a 3D marketplace, a 3D printing service provider, and Kickstarter.


The Little Ink figurine

What the Blokko platform does is assist connect storytellers and comic illustrators with top-notch 3D toy createers. The storytellers and createers collaborate on a campaign that, if it reaches the set amount of pre-orders, can get 3D printed in full-color sandstone and distributed by Blokko. The story-based figurines are manufactured by printing color and binder onto a bed of gypsum-based powder, that is and so finished with a sealant to promote the product’s longevity. Both the storyteller and toy createers obtain 35% of the revenue a piece, while Blokko retains the remaining 30%.


The Eva figurine

The latest two campaigns featured on Blokko feature two characters of the comic books Lost NightMare and Evacomics. Little Ink, a character of Lost NightMare, was created by Bernhard Bauer, an intricate and marveling create measuring up at 7.5cm tall. The figurine costs $42.50 to pre-order (there are already four remaining), and is estimated to ship out around mid-March. The other campaign, that showcases a figurine based on the comic book of a Singaporean artist named Eva, was created by Rachel Collier. The Eva figurine, that is a colorful representation of the Japanese-inspired comic book character, in addition costs $42.50; pre-orders for this version (there are already nine remaining) are expected to ship sometime in February.


The XR-35 DIY 3D printed truck

Blokko’s platform is pretty a excellent way for storytellers, createers, and the platform to connect and donate their creativity to the masses, but that does not mean Blokko does not have their own toys up their sleeve. Last year, we covered the release of their XR-35 3D printable toy truck version, that is already purchasable on Pinshape as a 15-part DIY 3D version kit for $10.40. So, if you are an illustrator or storyteller looking to bring your characters into the realm of 3D printing, but don’t necessarily have the means to do so, Bokko may only be the right platform to team up with.

Tyler Koslow

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