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3D printing is helping to take your favourite game-based props and characters off of the screen and into your hand. 3D print merchandisers like the France-based FabZat have placed a major focus on customized 3D printed content of video games like Minecraft and World of Warcraft. Even game manufacturers themselves are getting involved in the 3D printing hype, G21’s XMODULE racing game not long ago revealed that their in-game cars may be contributeed in the form of custom 3D prints.


The Cobra

Now, video game manufacturer Frontier Developments and 3D printing merchandiser Eucl3D are collaborating to contribute 3D printed spaceships of the game Elite Dangerous, a space adventure and combat simulator accurately based in the Milky Way galaxy and on the market on PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4. The game is the third installment of the legendary Elite series, that was initially made all the way back in 1984, and has continued to commence gamers into outer space at any time since. Eucl3D can be 3D printing three of the many talked about in-game ships in full-color sandstone, and can be on the market to Elite Dangerous fans around the globe.elitedangerous

The three ships that can be 3D printed are the Viper (my very own favourite), the Anaconda, and the Cobra. But I’ve nat any time very ownly played Elite Dangerous, I can unquestionably tell that a lot of detailed attention was put into every of the three spaceships. And, unlike a few other 3D printed merchandise out there, these spaceships are amazingly low-cost, every one is priced at only $29.99. Each full-colored print looks as if it was a created DIY design kit, accurately basing the detailed colors and components directly of the Elite Dangerous world.


The Viper

videogame viper

The in-game design of the Viper

Eucl3D has in addition collaborated to bring other video games to life through 3D printing, such as the spaceships of the Kerbal Space Program. Now, while you are exploring the virtual universe of Elite Dangerous, you can have your favourite in-game spaceship right by your side in full-color sandstone. After Eucl3D finishes the 3D print, the ships are hand-packaged and shipped out to customers. Whilst you combat other players in the vast Milky Way galaxy, you can sit beside your favourite Elite Dangerous spaceship for an low-cost price.

The Anaconda

The Anaconda

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