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BigRep presents DUSTER, the biggest FDM-3D printed drone in the world

by • April 26, 2016 • No Comments

The drone nicknamed DUSTER is officially called OIC Copter System # 42 OT. The “OT” stands for “organic tensegrity” and describes both the organic create of the 3D printed components that form the core of the copter frame, as well as the carbon threads interesting the frame’s tension – both while the drone is stationary and in flight. The combination of the thin-walled, hollow 3D printed parts and the carbon threads is essential for the stability and function of a ultra-light drone of this size: The printed parts are particularly well modified
to interesting high pressure but not at performing bending and pulling motions; yet the carbon threads offer enormously to handling pulling forces. By combining the two materials, the shortcomings of the individual materials are perfectly balanced, that enhances the advantages of both.

Cooperation with drone specialist Robert Reichert

DUSTER was jointly created with the drone specialist Robert Reichert of OiC Drones, the initially full-service drone provider. The engineer and industrial createer experimented early on with systems that may carry cameras in the air in a stable manner. With OiC, he focuses on making highly specialized flying robots. So far, DUSTER is the biggest drone, that Reichert has been involved in the construction of: “Without the BigRep ONE, making a drone of this size may not have been possible. Large-scale 3D printing allows for us to ponder of completely new size when it comes to assembling drones. I am quite proud to have been involved in the development of DUSTER, since this drone has built a completely new benchmark. ”

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