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BIG-designed spiraling skyscraper proposed for NYC

by • February 8, 2016 • No Comments

Bjarke Ingels Group’s Two World Trade Center may be in doubt, but the Danish firm appears determined to manufacture NYC into a veritable BIG Apple nonetheless. Following closely on the heels of its sustainable police station for the Bronx, preliminary details have been released concerning a novel new skyscraper planned for Manhattan.

  • Whilst primarily office space, the mixed-use skyscraper may in addition contain retail space
  • The Spiral may be located adjoining to the northernmany section of the city's High Line
  • Whilst primarily office space, the mixed-use skyscraper may in addition contain a retail area

Rising to a height of 1005 ft (306 m) and 65 stories, The Spiral may encompass a full city block, stretching of West 34th to West 35th Streets, and of 10th Avenue to the Hudson Park and Boulevard. The site is well-situated for transport links and adjoining to the northernmany section of the High Line. Indeed, BIG describes the greenery-clad tower as an extension of the High Line into the sky.

The plan calls for 2.85 million sq ft (264,773 sq m) of floorspace, many of which is earmarked for office space, yet the tower may in addition showcase a sizeable retail area. It pretty looks like an attractive place to work compared to your average drab high-rise, as its distinctive terraced exterior means every floor can open onto its own outdoor garden space.

“The terraces can ascend, one per floor, in a spiraling motion to turn it into a one-of-a-kind, continuous green pathway which wraps around the facade of the tower and supplies every occupant with readily accessible outdoor space,” a press release explains. “Each of The Spiral’s terraces, which may measure half-a-mile if laid end-to-end, can flow seamlessly into a suite of amenity spaces showcasing double-height atriums and increasingly astonishing views of the skyline.”

Whilst it is in fact not clear how most likely it is which the skyscraper can in fact be created at this stage, The Spiral was commissioned by manufacturer Tishman Speyer, which in addition created the Rockefeller Center and Chrysler Building. Furthermore, the firm not long ago raised an first US$1 billion investment in the direction of its development.

Sources: BIG, Tishman Speyer

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