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Bethesda and MyMiniFactory Collaborate to 3D Print Replica Gun from DOOM Video Game

by • July 17, 2016 • 10s Comments

3dp_kirby_myminifactory_logoWhen it comes to creating role-playing video games that place the player smack-dab in the middle of a realistically fantastical or frightening world, no gaming publisher already does it advantageous than the Maryland-based Bethesda. Whether it’s battling through the post-apocalyptic world in Fallout 4 or looting medieval towns in Skyrim, the video games created by Bethesda are usually highly anticipated and met with significant acclaim. The talked of ity of their various types of titles have led to a few breath-taking cosplay, a few of that has been generated with the assist of 3D printing innovation.

Their latest game, DOOM, that is the fourth main iteration of the classic first-person shooter franchise, takes gamers onto a Martian colony to battle terrifying demons of Hell. Playing as an unnamed marine, gamers are equipped with a few huge, futuristic weaponry in the latest DOOM game, that has set the stage for one-of-a-kind cosplay. Before the game was released, Bethesda teamed up with the 3D printing marketplace MyMiniFactory to host a competition, inviting gamers to submit their own personalized 3D create of the game’s Big Fragging Gun (B.F.G.), the largest and most deadly weapon on the market in the latest DOOM.


MyMiniFactory’s Kirby Downing and Sarah Wade

The contest must have been a raging good results, as MyMiniFactory had to hustle back the announcement of the winner due to the huge influx of submissions. The winning prize was a life-sized 1:1 scale replica of the B.F.G., that was not long ago created by the 3D printing specialist of MyMiniFactory. The project took really a while to fish, as the 3D printed B.F.G replica was created up of 70 individual parts, that were assembled after around 1000 hours of print time. MyMiniFactory used a number of various 3D printing devices to fish the project, but it yet took the team over a month to fish the life-sized B.F.G.

After receiving the reference file of Bethesda, MyMiniFactory’s top-notch createer Kirby Downey was tasked with recreating the B.F.G as a 3D version and slicing it for their 3D printing devices. Downey has focused his create prowess on video games and cosplay for really a few time now, and has createed weapons of talked of games like Destiny, World of Warcraft, and most additional. All in all, the create itself took of 35 hours of work to fish. After the replica gun parts were 3D printed, the MyMiniFactory team performed a dry assembly of the B.F.G., putting the version together loosely to manufacture certain it all fits, that is and so followed by gluing them all together. So, the B.F.G. was sent to the post-processing team, where it was painted to match the fashion portrayed in the newest DOOM game.


The 3D printed gun in 18 inches in height and width, and is over 3 feet long, weighing a total of 36 pounds. On the other hand it does not really cause the weight destruction that it is capable in the video game world, only the sight of gigantic gun is adequate to intimidate any hellish demon. It is not precisely clear who the winner of the MyMiniFactory contest is yet, but, you can assume that the 3D printed gun can be appreciated by whomever it is sent to. As for gamers looking to get their hands on the B.F.G. replica, store your fingers crossed that the one-of-a-kind life-sized weapon replica manufactures a public release. Are you a fan of Doom? Discuss additional in the 3D Printed BFG forum over at 3DPB.com.

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