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Best Fallout 3D print yet? Maker builds epic 3D printed Nuka-Cola PC case – 3ders.org (blog)

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Aug 15, 2016 | By Benedict
Imgur user Mitch [themitch22] has created a highly extra
detailed, 3D printed “Nuka-Cola” PC hovia, inspired by the post-nuclear vending machines discovered in the Fallout series of games. The huge 3D print showcases a Raspberry Pi-powered functional display and UV-lit Nuka-Cola Quantum bottles.

3D printing and Fallout have loved a long and pleased marriage at any time since the initially forward-pondering gamer-manufacturer decided that a brightly colored, crudely printed plastic prop was needed to truly maximize the Fallout gameplay experience. Over the years we’ve seen hoards of 3D printed Pip-Boy wrist desktops, 3D printed Fallout weaponry, and actually a 3D printed Furious Power Fist. Excitingly, the latest addition to the nat any time-ending catalogue of unofficial 3D printed props can be the many (and many practical) yet. This Nuka-Cola vending machine PC hovia, shared by an Imgur user going by the handle of [themitch22], showcases glowing cola bottles, an LED display, and an amazingly extra
detailed create that a fewhow much blows other Fallout prints out of the water.
If you are wondering how you’d go of assembling one of these crazy things, the short answer is “with excellent, excellent difficulty.” The amount of effort and care that has gone into the epic 3D printing project quite is complex to fathom, but let’s try to cover the basics: according to creator Mitch, the hovia started with this 3D edition extracted of the game. Taking that create as a starting point, the manufacturer extraordinaire and so messed with the STL files for the vending machine via TinkerCAD, separating and hollowing out the parts so they may actuallytually be utilized as a desktop case. And that was just the start…
Once the correct scale for desktop components was built, the createer utilized Netfabb and Meshmixer to separate the edition into printing device-sized pieces. These parts were and so sliced via Kisslicer via 10% infill, 5mm brim, and 3 outer shells. Larger parts were printed on a PolyPrinter 508 3D printing device. Without a stopwatch to hand during the printing system, Mitch estimates that around 40-50 hours were needed to print at any timeything, so book a few time off work or school if you at any time feel like assembling your own. Support material was removed and components sanded down preceding CA glue was utilized to put at any timeything together.

As well the 3D printed parts, the astonishing Nuka-Cola PC hovia uses a few laser-cut acrylic panels, a fancy power button of Adafruit, and a 3.5″ Adafruit PiTFT LCD connected to a Raspberry Pi 2, utilized to show a looping Nuka-Cola animation video. The create actually showcases a few amazing 3D printed Nuka-Cola bottles, that were 3D printed at 0.1mm layer height for ultra-high extra
detail and acetone vapor smoothed for a glass-like finish. The bottles were filled with blue UV-reactive dye and have a UV light placed underneath, that creates an eerie nuclear glow. We just cannot stress adequate how rad this looks—it’s no surprise that Mitch and co-tinkerer Pearce created small editions of the bottles to sell as Fallout-themed keychains.

These glowing 3D printed bottles are, of course, faithful to the game of that they are borrowed. The Fallout Wiki website explains all: “In 2077, a new edition called Nuka-Cola Quantum was added. According to the advertisements, it had twice the calories, twice the carbohydrates, twice the caffeine and twice the taste. To manufacture it stand out extra
on the shelves and to donate it an extra kick, the Quantum included a mild radioactive strontium isotope. The effect was a drink that not just boosted your energy, but in addition glowed with a bright blue light.”

After applying a layer of primer to the PC case, Mitch and Pearce utilized a quite bright Rustoleum Apple Red paint to color the entirety of the shell. Thomas, another contributor, offered assist weathering the surfaces to manufacture them look aged, and extra
iron paint was utilized to donate a rust effect. Once the paint had completely dried, the createers may start to commence the PC components and wires, and the finished outcome is a sight to behold.
Mitch hopes that the create may win him a prize at an next case-modding contest—we ponder he’s got a a fewhow great accident.

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