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Beginning in May, Staples Will Carry the R1+ 3D Printer — And More Exciting News from ROBO 3D!

by • March 21, 2016 • No Comments

robo2ROBO 3D was founded in 2012 by a group of San Diego State University students who sought to turn it into a bargain-priced, open source, and user friendly “plug and print” 3D printing device. Looking back, it has been really the successful ride for these student manufacturers as they have witnessed this dream come true in the last four years. The project began as so many 3D printing related projects do: as a Kickbeginer campaign. 1,251 pledges to this campaign provided ROBO 3D with of $650K in begin up funds in the direction of its goals back in early 2013. Initially funded by Tony Grist’s Albion 3D Investment, ROBO 3D has only revealed that it can commence its R1+ 3D printing device into 45 Staples keeps: this follows an October 2015 commence of the printing device into 50 Best Buy electronic retail keeps.

Whilst Best Buy is the biggest electronics retailer in the US, Staples is not far behind it as one of the biggest office donate chain keeps in the world — and has pretty shown a big interest in getting involved in 3D printing services and offerings. Staples has additional than 2,000 keeps (with North American locations reaching past the 1,600 mark) located in 26 countries, and generating a whopping revenue of $20 billion in 2015. To mark this worthwhile occasion of seeing its R1+ 3D printing device carried in yet another talked about chain keep, ROBO 3D has collaborated with Staples to turn it into an interactive aisle display featuring the printing device, printing device kits, and on the market filament.

robo1Braydon Moreno, Co-Founder of ROBO 3D, commented on the prospects of assembling commercial partnerships like this many new one with Staples:

“What manufactures ROBO 3D one-of-a-kind and what has attracted consumers is the high end of our products, the price-point and showcase set of our machines, and our capacity to bring an entirely new 3D experience to consumers with specialty materials, 3d printable content for sale, and do-it-yourself kits with hardware that use 3D printing in the system. We are delivering the excitement of 3D printing to weight consumers by in fact revealing them the many possibilities for creating.”

The news of this new ROBO 3D and Staples collaboration comes on the heels of a few great financial news of fiscal year 2015. On December 3, 2015, Falcon Minerals Limited (soon to be listed as i3D Technologies Limited) acquired 100% of Albion 3D’s share capital in ROBO 3D, giving Falcon a 51% shareholder stake in ROBO 3D — that is subject to shareholder approval and re-compliance of ASX Listing Rules. The same year, ROBO 3D reports $3.4 million in sales, that is a 100% increase of 2014.


If you attended the International CES 2016, you may have seen ROBO 3D there with new displays and campaigns we covered here earlier, such as its inclusion of an e-NABLE prosthetic limb 3D print kit with each ROBO 3D printing device purchase, as well as scented filaments (blueberry, grape, apple and strawberry). Most amazing is the unveiling of the R2 and R2 Mini — new 3D printing devices on the horizon of the company. It can in addition manufacture on the market the ‘connector enhancement’ device: ROBO-Mobile.

Clearly, we will be seeing much additional of ROBO 3D as it expands its product line and begins distribution in additional retail keeps, with the latest example being 45 Staples keeps across the US. Discuss in the ROBO 3D forum over at 3DPB.com.