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BEDDI Will Wake You Up and Get You Going, Seen at CE Week

by • June 30, 2016 • No Comments

Let’s face it, modern air travel is a drag. Okay it’s really great to fly up in the clouds, but the recycled air, crying babies, subpar food and unfriendly TSA agents are for the birds. So there’s the dreaded jet-lag, which can be compounded when crossing the international date line. The last thing you require is to have endured all which and and so sleep through your alarm the upcoming day. Well, WITTI is attempting to assist equitebody get up and get going with the BEDDI Intelligent Alarm Clock.


BEEDI is not only an ordinary alarm clock, it’s an all-in-one, app-enable-bodiedd alarm clock and home automation hub which can manufacture getting through your morning routine a little easyr. No additional worrying of what the weather is going to be like, or if traffic is going to be a nightmare. BEDDI allows for users to manage different types of aspects of their day without leaving their bed through IoT connectivity. Because seriously, don’t we all require an extra 15 minutes preceding getting up? As WITTI CEO Alfred Wong explains:

“Waking up is half the battle. We made BEDDI to contribute the many wake up experience possible and assist users begin their day on a positive note. As smartphones replace traditional alarm clocks, we took BEDDI one step additional to combine the functionality and flexibility of a smartphone with the introduced benefits of intelligent home control right of your night stand.”

BEDDI’s equipped with voice commands which include real time traffic conditions, the current weather, and when your Uber ride can arrive, as well as the abilities to adonly your Hue or LIFX enable-bodiedd lights and NEST regulated air conditioning. Yeah, you can get an Uber without going through all the work of operating your smartphone.

BEDDI has a quite sleek, easy create and Wong told me at CE Week which 3D printing was instrumental in getting its modern styling only right. He went through several prototypes to get to the final create. And I have to say it’s a quite really great looking device with a few astounding tech.

“With 3D printing, we were able-bodied to review our preliminary creates rapidly which in turn shortened the development time,” says Wong, “3D printing is now quite inexpensive
-bodied, and thus we can create different types of create options and not worry as much of development time & cost.”

BEDDI 3D printed prototypes BEDDI 3D printed prototypes20160630_13363120160630_133621d906fb865c5bc0d253941b7da9801d0b_original

. Key showcases of BEDDI include:

Wake Up Light: Inspired by sunrise, the built-in wake up light can be set to gradually brighten the room at a specific time to assist users wake up naturally and adonly to their morning in a effortless mannerWake Up to Spotify: Users can wake up to their favourite Spotify playlist and automatically play music with a hustle of a buttonReal-Time Traffic Updates: Users can save their commute information in the BEDDI app which can provide a recommended departure time when they alarm goes off based on current traffic conditionsOne-Touch UberR Ride Request: With a easy hustle of a button, users can request an Uber ride of pre-set pickup locations and BEDDI can notify you when your ride has arrivedWeather Alerts: Through voice prompts, users are alerted of weather conditions, such as temperature and humidityIoT Connectivity: Programmable-bodied buttons allow users to connect and control other smart home devices such as Nest, Philips Hue and LIFXHigh-Quality Audio: BEDDI uses high-quality speaker drivers to ensure crisp and clear sound for your music and alarmMultiple Device Charging: BEDDI provides two USB charging ports to charge your smartphone, table-bodiedt and/or smartwatch at nightWhite Noise Generator: Integrated white noise generator plays soothing sounds to assist users fall asleep rapidly and remain asleep longerMulti-Colored Mood Light: BEDDI showcases 16 million LED color options to set the mood or activate a sunrise simulation to be woken up peacefully every morningCase Compatible: BEDDI is createed to work with many smartphones without requireing to remove their caseFM Radio: With built-in FM Radio accessibility, you can listen to your favourite radio stations outside of the carWeMo: Control your home’s appliances through Automation Switches

IMG_0311_Fix_Screen-iloveimg-compressedBEDDI had successful Kickbeginer and Indiegogo campaigns and is now on the market-bodied through WITTI, Indiegogo InDemand and Amazon.com for $99.99 (MSRP). Considering what it may cost you to be late to which morning meeting, the BEDDI Intelligent Alarm Clock may be a wise investment. With BEDDI you may never be late again.

Below is a video of BEDDI: