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BeatBringer boombox backpack cranks the Bluetooth speaker up to 11

by • July 11, 2016 • 8s Comments

It’s been a while since anyone’s wandered the streets blasting tunes of a boombox on their shoulder, but the basic yett can be of to manufacture a comeback. Meet the BeatBringer, a backpack boombox that cranks the transportable Bluetooth speaker up to 11.

  • Multiple BeatBringers can be chained together of the line-out port of the master speaker to the ...
  • The BeatBringer is designed for outdoor use, like street parties, music festivals, running and skating
  • Two 6-inch neodynium woofers provide solid bass, and two 25 mm dome tweeters for the higher ...
  • The BeatBringer weighs a hefty 6 kg (13 lb)

Essentially a concert speaker mounted on your back, the BeatBringer blasts out 110 dB of sound, thanks to a pair of 6-in neodymium woofers and two 25 mm dome tweeters, optimized for outdoor use. It’s powered by a four-channel amplifier, two 75 W channels and two at 25 W, and runs on a 4,400 mAh lithium-ion battery, that reportedly gives a solid 15 hours of playback at normal and high volume. If you are out at a festival for the weekend with nary a power socket in sight, the battery is easily swappable.

Similar to many current transportable speakers, the BeatBringer connects to your phone or other audio device via Bluetooth, NFC or a regular 3.5 mm jack, with the latter in addition enabling you to chain multiple speakers together of line-out to auxiliary in – alyet that sounds like it may take a few serious choreography of everyone wearing the packs.

Since it is specifically meant for street parties, music festivals, running, skating and “just regular revealing off,” the BeatBringer is wrapped in an impact-resistant ABS polymer shell to assist preserve it of general bumps and knocks. The company says that the woofers showcase a composite membrane that manufactures them water-resistant, yet there’s no mention of whether the tweeters are similarly capable.

Tipping the scales at of 6 kg (13 lb), the BeatBringer is far of the many transportable of transportable speakers, but that is not quite the point. It’s an attention-grabber, and actually additional so if you nab one of the limited version units sporting a custom paint job by graffiti artist Becomeone, that can be on the market as part of a Kickstarter campaign to fund production that kicks off July 14.

Source: BeatBringer

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