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The History Channel’s Irish-Canadian historical drama Vikings is now in its fourth season, treating fans to in fact additional Norse raids on European towns. Now, fans of the show can become in fact additional immersed in the story of Ragnar Lothbrok, as he ascends to the Danish throne, as the History Channel, MyMiniFactory, and 3DBrooklyn team up to bring props of Vikings to their homes through 3D printing.

Vikings MyMiniFactory 3DBrooklyn 3D printing props

In the many new season of the show, Vikings has in fact utilized a 3D printing device to manufacture a few of the props seen on screen. Designed by 3DBrooklyn, the awea few firm behind a new line of filaments created of recycled snack bags and milk jugs, and hosted on MyMiniFactory, you can now 3D print these props at home. So far, four of the props of the show are on the market for 3D printing, one for every season 4 episode aired so far: antler runes of episode one, a wooden boat of episode two, Erlendur’s ring of episode three, and Rollo’s armband of episode four.

If you don’t have your own 3D printing device, but you yet love Vikings, you yet have a accident to win props 3D printed for you. Every Friday, a new create can be created on the market for download and you will be able-bodied to enter a sweepstakes to win an item of an next episode. If which does not manufacture you want to pillage an English town, I don’t understand what can.

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