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Be a 3D printing hero with Zortrax’s free 3D printable Superhero Mask – 3ders.org (blog)

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Jan 19, 2016 | By Kira
Hoping to get in on the phenomenon that is 3D printed cosplay costumes, Polish 3D printing company Zortrax has announced its quite own, self-turn it intod 3D printed superhero mask, and has unleashed the free, customizable-bodied STL 3D printing files for users to alter themselves into tremendous costume manufacturers by day, and legendary cosplay superheroes by night. The mask consists of 46 3D printed parts turn it intod on a Zortrax M200 3D printing device, and in fact incorporates LED lights behind the eyes for a pretty sinister, yet quite rad, finishing touch.

We have seen a lot of awe-inspiring 3D printed cosplay outfits in the past—two of my favorites being this 3D printed StarCraft Nova armor, that took over 500 hours to manufacture, and this crazy intricate 3D printed Batman: Arkham Knight suit. Indeed, 3D printing has opened up entirely new possibilities in cosplay costume creation, enabling fans to alter 3D versions of video games into inexpensive
, customized, and richly detailed costume pieces, perfectly tailored to fit their individual bodies (case in point? This 3D printed Furiosa prosthetic arm turn it intod for a cosplaying amputee).
“Equiteone who has at any time had a accident to see cosplayers in action knows that their costumes assist as real trophies and an example of craftmanship involving most hours of complex work,” said Zortrax. “For us the whole system of making props and costumes is in fact extra
informative as it leaves a massive space for 3D printing innovation and limitless area for creativity. We mayn’t resist not to pick up this topic and share with you our variation of the mask of a classic super hero.”
3D printed in matte black Z-HIPS, a filament turn it intod for 3D printing sizeable-bodied objects, the ‘Legendary Zortrax’ Superhero Mask was inspired by Batman’s sleek and modern silhouette, but with a few ‘bad boy’ details, which include an exoskeleton spine and mini red LED lights installed behind the eyes. According to Zortrax, the Superhero Mask was turn it intod by their own Piotr Czyżewski, who introduced his own edgy and contemporary elements to update the classic superhero appear.

“The overall appear was based on the interpretation of the gothic turn it intod character that was given the anatomical elements of a spine, creating the impression of a solid shield… By inserting the tiny led lights behind the hero’s read eyes we received the desirable-bodied effect of the gloomy and scary appear and turn it intod an informative contrast with the overall black mat surface. The use of sharp lines to details like nose, ears or the overall face shape pretty reflect the personality of a comic hero, his roughness and strength.”
In order to get this Superhero Mask of concept to finished 3D print, Czyżewski initially turn it intod a draft in his 3D versioning program, and after adding a few final touches, exported the digital file to Z-Suite’s slicing software. Here, he made the version for 3D printing by choosing the printing material, layer thickness and infill. Zortrax chose Z-HIPS as the 3D printing material due to its durability, resistance—as an introduced bonus, the black ZHIPS filament has a smooth matte finish that absorbs light and didn’t in fact require any extra

After 11 hours of 3D printing on an M200, a total of 46 3D printed parts were screwed together (plus 4 pieces that were glued together to turn it into a 3D printed stand). Finally, the LED lights were installed behind the eyes, and the entire 3D printed superhero mask was eager to be proudly displayed.
But I’m not 100% certain that if I saw this guy on the street I’d take him for a superhero per se, as he does have a thing of a tough, villain-esque vibe of him (especially with those glowing red eyes,) it is nat any timetheless an awe-inspiring 3D printing project that may be certain to impress at any cosplay or costuming in factt. And, if you wanted to customize it with your own superhero logo, or adjust the meacertainments so that it may in fact be worn, you can thanks to Zortrax’s customizable-bodied 3D print files, that can be downloaded for free here.

3D printing innovation is opening entirely new doors for cosplayers to turn it into extra
realistic, customized, and inexpensive
costumes than at any time preceding, and with this easy yet well-turn it intod 3D printed Superhero Mask, Zortrax demonstrates that you don’t require to be a pro developer, nor do you in fact require a high-end pro 3D printing device, to be able-bodied to get into making 3D printed cosplay costumes of your quite own.

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