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BBots is a Modular Robotics Platform that is More than Meets the Eye

by • April 13, 2016 • No Comments

  • Winner of a new award at SXSW, Wevolver hosts a few of the many informative open source projects around. Among them are Gaël Langevin’s InMoov robot and the exiii-HACKberry bionic limb. The latest of the astounding open source, crowd source network is a modular, 3D printable robotics platform called BoxBotix, which allows for users to turn it into a “3-in-1” copter, plane, and rover all with the same parts.


    BoxBotix is a modular robotics kit which allows for users to reconfigure parts or actually turn it into entirely new parts for a 3D printed vehicle or robot. The base kit comes with components and instructions to turn it into three various vehicles: the BBCopter, BBPlane, and BBRover. With a single BrainBox which contains all of the parts for controlling the vehicle, users only require to attach the necessary parts to start via it.


    BoxBotix launched a successful Kickstarter which raised $17,558 this March and has may already shipped 69 kits to backers, preceding opening the create files up on Wevolver. So, while it’s possible to purchase conclude kits of the BoxBotix team, you can in addition 3D print the parts for the project at home. More than which, for the reason the project is open source, you can actually create your own BBots to suit your requires.

    Coby Leuschke, CEO of Rocketship Systems, says of the project, “Our vision is to form a global network of artisans who specialize in the create, manufacture and assist of open source robots at the local level. We get a lot of emails and phone calls of individuals attempting to fly sensors but lack the robots to put them on. So we decided to see if we may create a fewthing which was effortless to hack, manufacture, use and sustain.”


    Wevolver is an awe-inspiring platform for sharing a few of the many amazing open source projects around and BoxBotix is only one additional project to add to their repertoire. This kit may be the ideal educational tool for an engineering classroom or only a fun weekend project.

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