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Batmobile Rolls Through Europe – With Some Nice 3D Printed Touches

by • May 4, 2016 • No Comments

At this moment, a few seriously tricked-out cars are cruising across Europe in the annual 3,000-mile celebrity motor rally known as Gumball 3000. Started in 1999 by British entrepreneur and racing enthusiast Maximillion Cooper as a sort of celebrity-studded party/road trip across Europe, it’s grown into a huge annual event that attracts high-end sponsors and driving teams striving to outdo equite other with the coolest cars. On May 1, this year’s drivers set off of Dublin with the goal of arriving in Bucharest, Romania in the future evening.


Why yes, that is the Batmobile at McDonald’s. [Image: Team Galag via Instagram]

A swift appear through Google can present you with a lot of opinions on the many cars at this year’s rally, but one car stands out in particular. Because it’s the Batmobile. It is not being driven by Bruce Wayne, but by a couple of Saudi Arabian princes who have been participating in Gumball 3000 for a few years as Team Galag. Whilst there have been many options of the Batmobile in the history of Batmobiles, this particular Batmobile (how many times can I say Batmobile?) is based on the option that seems in the video game Batman: Arkham Knight. It in addition contains a few 3D printed parts.

This Batmobile was created and created by Caresto, the Swedish car company started by former Volvo and Koenigsegg employee Leif Tufvesson. Tufvesson appeared on our radar just last week when he partnered up with Thomas Palm of Palmiga Innovation and Rubber 3D Printing to create a few 3D printed tires for the OpenRC Project. Palm told us, at that time, that “a fewthing big” may be coming of him and Tufvesson soon – well, here it is, a giant Batmobile with a Lamborghini engine driven by royalty.


The all-carbon fiber body of the car was created of molds milled out of CAD drawings. The luxurious interior consists of soft black leather and transparent fabrics, plus electric lights that illuminate the seats, pedals and floor when the cockpit is opened. Most significant are the bat symbols strategically placed in the center of the steering wheel and on the headrests. That’s where Palm came in, 3D printing the final bat-adorned touches in Rubber 3D Printing’s PI-ETPU 95-250 Carbon Black filament.

rubber3dprinting_caresto_he“The center cap was the many challenging part to 3D print, the big radius convex surface may not appear really great via a 0.4mm nozzle…Instead a 0.7mm nozzle was utilized but the extrusion width was set to 0.9mm to get the layers to appear really great with circular rings covering the deplete surface,” says Palm. “Also the thickness of just 1,5mm and the require for assist material created this a tricky job. To show how really great the PI-ETPU 95-250 Carbon Black filament is to use, the same filament was utilized as assist material, via a single extruder consumer 3D printing device.

The surface of the bat symbol was manually melted with a solder iron and smoothed out via sandpaper, that system was a bit delicate but resulted in the really great structure and contrast requireed.To 3D print the headrest parts was pretty straight forward when via a 0.7mm nozzle and in addition a tiny positive extrusion multiplier to adjust the feel and appear, they were printed flat with holes etc eager for the sewing.”

a1650e3e-81dd-4358-a0d0-70c07122b499You can read additional of the car’s specs in the Rubber 3D Printing blog, and you can in addition 3D print Palm’s bat creates for by yourself in the form of a steering wheel cap keychain token and a sew-on logo on the market on Pinshape – he entered them into the Pinshape Batman v Superman Design Contest, that has been extended until May 15.

“Even if my part has been quite tiny in this car project it has been incredibly fun and I feel truly privileged, I can just wish for additional,” Palm says.

Meanwhile, if you are in Budapest right now, appear out your window, for the reason a strange parade of millionaire and celebrity hot rods should be rolling through at of this time. Say hi to the Batmobile for me.