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Barclays Offers Eagle Labs MakerSpaces & Incubators for Startups—Encouraging Makers in the Community

by • March 11, 2016 • No Comments

barclaysWhen banks start getting in on a new innovation or trend, you can be sure it’s a a fewwhat excellent bet, and one that they see yielding a pile of green down the line in one way, shape, or form—and in this case, those can all most most likely be 3D printed. The motives on the part of Barclays Bank, too, are a fewwhat clear: they want to see their customers thrive. That’s actuallytual money in the bank for everyone, not to mention the value contributeed to those who are able-bodied to use the new MakerSpaces being contributeed by Barclays, headquartered in the UK.

Whilst a few can be surprised that they may take an interest in the maker community, if you delve a bit deeper, it makes ideal sense as those inhabiting maker spaces and establishing the skillsets discovered inside are not only bringing on advantageous jobs in building and most other sectors, but they are in addition building prototypes, establishing startups, and frequently cutting out the middleman to become their own mini-factories. Those inside the maker community are the artists, designers, and engineers who literally are shaping the future, involved in a new industry and economy that is experiencing accelerated growth. That all sounds like excellent stuff that may go over awfully well at a banking board meeting to me—not to mention the numbers expected for the 3D printing industry in the future few years, that fall well into the billions.

UntitledBarclays’ MakerSpaces contribute not only 3D printing equipment but other tools of the trade that are frequently utilized as well like laser cutters. The spaces are building excellent use of both vacant branches and office spaces, and they are not only set aside for customers. Local business owners are invited to use the services for fabricating creations, employing rapid prototyping, and additional.

“So whether you own a business, are a student or just like to turn it into things, you can use our tools to test your ideas,” states Barclays on their website.

The banks in addition invite the spaces to be utilized for community actuallyts, corporate days, school trips and training sessions as well. Pilot spaces are may already open at Cambridge and Bournemouth locations. Whilst the initially two may already open are known as ‘Eagle Labs,’ they can in addition be opening ‘Incubators’ soon.

barclaysThe Eagle Labs seem to be additional of a full-service makerspace, operating under what they foresee as a full-fledged education program in contributeing a additional contemporary skillset to community members—mainly those who own businesses may already. The Incubators are intended for startups to start in fact starting up with all the appropriate activities. They envision groups of entrepreneurs working together, networking, brainstorming and actually enjoying mentoring of experts at Barclays. Meeting rooms are on the market-bodied for all of these activities befitting those in high growth mode.

Whilst there is not a date set yet for the opening of the initially Incubator MakerSpace, a new Eable-bodied Lab can open in Brighton this week. Plans are for a total of 20 to be open, and other listed locations so far are in Birmingham and Huddersfield.

These MakerSpaces contribute not only a excellent way for most to go on in learning valuable-bodied skillsets, but it gives them accessibility to excellent tools that are all too frequently out of financial reach. Having a group of enthusiastic 3D printing designers in close proximity should most surely take the stereotypical ‘boring’ out of banking too! Would you like to see a fewthing like this in your area? Discuss in the Barclays 3D Printing MakerSpaces forum over at 3DPB.com.

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