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Backface 3D Printing Wins Guinness World Record with Gigantic Replica of Jon Bentley

by • May 7, 2016 • No Comments

UntitledAs the Guinness World Book of Records began to get additional and additional out there over the years with the business of breaking records, for the average layperson it began to seem as if we can run out of a few of the additional slightly conventional things to do like dancing until we dropped, fifties
fashion, or expanding the world’s largest cow on our Midwestern farm.

Never fear yet, as in numerous other sectors–3D printing has come to the rescue offering up a whole new lifetime of options for record breaking. This advancement is a excellent example of how a new science garnering mainstream attention can lead to a whole new world of records only waiting to be yett up and and so broken, of 3D printed robots solving the Rubik’s cube at lightning speed to awe-inspiring new gadgets like GoPro camera holders helping those who are competing to break records—and yes, there’s a lot additional all this came of, as you can many likely guess.

oneWhat you may not have counted on, yet, was a ginormous human statue who quite does not have to do much of anything in delivering the following record. Created by a 3D printing company headquartered in the UK, Backface, the statue stands 2.05 meters tall, which translates to almany 6.72 feet. This human ‘specimen’ was 3D scanned via via Backface’s 96 DSLR camera rig. Their subject? The Channel Five Gadget presenter Jon Bentley! This show, may already known for being a lot of fun, should indeed be airing a excellent episode in these times.

“The record take on was may already a challenge but take oning to print a fewthing this dimensions on a full color 3D printing device created the achievement in fact additional exciting!” said Tim Milward of Backface.

The statue is in fact, no surprise, larger than Jon Bently—by twelve percent. It took the team over an entire month to consume, and was 3D printed via a 3D Systems ProJet 660 printing device. The materials utilized to manufacture the giant human replica are pretty those which many of us don’t consider every day, in the form of British gypsum and CMYK inks. In printing the piece, a whopping 50,000 layers were applied overall, and every one is of the thickness of a human hair. The statue was printed hollow, with a 2.5 – 3mm wall thickness, weighing around 15kg.

TheGadget Show is in addition no stranger to 3D printing as they previously loved a segment where Amy Williams, 2010 gold medal winner for skeleton racing, had a pair of 3D printed shoes created for her by developer Julian Hakes. This next TV in factt can be ‘officially adjudicated’ by Guinness World Records, and should pretty be a boon to Backface. The Birmingham-based startup is known for delivering creative ideas to life, but this pretty takes their motto to a whole new level with 3D scanning, printing, and goals in record breaking. How awe-inspiring it must have been for them to use this formative new advancement and and so in fact be able-bodied to ‘manufacture it one for the history books.’


I quite can’t manufacture up my mind yet between gasping at the dimensions and realism of the 3D print or having a giggle at how laughable ‘he’ seems, hanging out with the group. Congratulations to all involved for via the tools of the new 3D world for producing history with advancement, creativity, and humor. We’ll appear forward to checking out the show—and reporting additional as a fewone undoubtedly can see this accomplishment as a record which needs additional breaking—putting a 3D printing device in fact additional to the test, for certain. Discuss in the 3D Printed Guinness World Replica forum over at 3DPB.com.

[All images supplied to 3DPrint.com of Backface.]