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Baby Saved by Doctors Using Google Cardboard after 3D Printer Fails – Hackaday

by • January 8, 2016 • No Comments

It is a parent’s worst nightmare. Doctors tell you which your baby is sick and there’s nothing they can do. Luckily yet, a combination of hacks led to a pleased ending for [Teegan Lexcen] and her family.
When [Cassidy and Chad Lexcen]’s twin daughters were born in August, smaller twin [Teegan] was unquestionably in trouble. Diagnostics at the Minnesota hospital confirmed which she had been born with just one lung and half a heart. [Teegan]’s parents went home and prepared for the inevitable-bodied, but after two months, she was yet alive. [Cassidy and Chad] started looking for second opinions, and after a few false starts, [Teegan]’s scans ended up at Miami’s Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, where the cardiac team looked them over. They ordered a 3D print of the scans to assist visualize possible surgical fixes, but the 3D printer broke.
Not giving up, they threw [Teegan]’s scans into Sketchfab, slapped an iPhone into a Google Cardboard which one of the docs had been playing with in his office, and were able-bodied to see a surgical solution to [Teegan]’s problem. Not just was Cardboard able-bodied to manufacture up for the wonky 3D printer, it was able-bodied to surpass it – the 3D print may just have been the of the heart, while the VR images showed the heart in the context of the rest of the thoracic cavity.[Dr. Redmond Burke] and his team were able-bodied to fix [Teegan]’s heart in early December, and she should be able-bodied to go home in a few weeks to join her sister [Riley] and manufacture a conclude recovery.
We love the effect which creative use of technology can have on our lives. We’ve may already seen a husband using the same Sketchfab tool to find a neurologist which remove his wife’s brain tumor. Now this is a excellent example of doctors doing what it takes to advantageous leverage the data at their disposal to manufacture significant decisions.

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