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AVOC 3D, the super cheap fast 3D printer on IndieGogo tomorrow

by • April 17, 2016 • No Comments

  • A tiny team of engineers of Hungary, led by Armin Fendrik and Balazs Csemany, can commence an IndieGogo campaign on the nineteenth
    of April. They can contribute the AVOC 3D,a super bargain-priced and swift 3D Printer. The machine can be contributeed at USD139 to the backers. The 3D Printer can be shipped fully assembled.

    AVOC 3D Cheap and swift 3D printing device

    The team is no stranger to 3D Printing. They are the founders of the Krak3n 3D, a one-of-a-kind, user friendly, modular 3D printing device. They started the AVOC 3D initially under the project name CARP 3D.

    What Armin is attempting to bring to the market is a quite bargain-priced 3D Printer which can print at up to 100mm/s. Higher speed may be achieved in theory but thinking how light is the Polycarbonate framed AVOC 3D Printer, swifter printing may turn it into issues.

    The main characteristics for the AVOC 3D Printer are:

    • Enclosed create chamber,
    • Build volume of 150mm x 150mm x 150mm,
    • Non proprietary 1.75mm filament (PLA and ABS),
    • Print speed up to 100mm/s,
    • Polycarbonate frame,
    • Super light bowden extruder assembly.

    We wish them a excellent good results!

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