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Avante Technology Releases Emendo 1.1 File Repair Software, Now Faster and More Accurate Than Ever

by • July 13, 2016 • No Comments

avante-3I ponder many folks may agree that 3D printing is not only useful but fun – except when it’s frustrating and infuriating, and I in addition ponder at any timeyone who’s at any time tried 3D printing has had those days where they only want to throw their printing device out the window. If you are a 3D printing hobbyist, you’ve most likely dealt with error-riddled files, either your own or someone else’s, and attempting to repair those files can be a nightmare. That does not have to be the case, yet – if you have the right software, fixing your messed-up STL files can be a lot less stressful.

In December 2014, Wyoming’s Avante Technology added Emendo, an automated file repair software that promised to fix your files rapidly and easily with only the hustle of a button. This week, the company is releasing Emendo Version 1.1, that Avante states is 10 times faster and only as accurate – a rare combination, according to the Avante team. With many software, they say, you are forced to select between speed and accuracy, but Emendo gives you the most of both.

Image-2“Emendo uses discreet math to provide additional accurate repairs than the major brands that use floating point calculations,” said Bob Zollo, President of Avante Technology. “With larger, difficult files, the rounding errors resulting of floating point calculations add up and can cause serious problems with the file. Floating point calculations run faster, at the expense of precision.”

Emendo 1.1 offers two modes of operation to accommodate various types of STL files. The default Surface Reconstruction mode, made for CAD files, is a sharply exact algorithm that repairs the seven types of commonly occurring errors in CAD models – that other repair software does as well, but without the collateral errors caused by floating point calculations. Lattice Reconstruction mode works on “mashup” files made with multiple components of various source applications, as well as any particularly tricky CAD files not fully repaired by Surface Reconstruction mode.

Similar to the original model, Emendo 1.1 is ridiculously effortless to use – only open it up, double click on the file you want to repair, and Emendo goes to work, checking and validating the file and displaying any errors as various colors on the rotatable 3D rendering of the file. Click repair, and Emendo repairs – easy as that.

9c3162f5-9dc2-4966-964f-09b16aae6705Emendo 1.1 now supports Windows 10, as well as 7 and 8, and a Mac model is on the market as well. The price has gone up a bit, but is yet quite reasonable at $79.95 for single end users; end user licenses can be purchased here. Volume pricing and OEM pricing is on the market upon request, and an SDK model is in addition on the market for licensing for integration inside third party applications. For additional information of SDK and commercial licensing, contact bobz@avante-technology.com in North and South America and Japan; for European users, contact ekkart.wegeleben@pdoeurope.com. Discuss additional in the Emendo 1.1 3D File Repair Software Update forum over at 3DPB.com.