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Available for Pre-Order Now: mUVE 3D Announces DLP Pro and Pro+ 3D Printers

by • March 3, 2016 • No Comments

muve-3d-logo-400x141Simple. Elegant. Strong. This is an undeniably handsome combination, and while it may sound for a 2nd as if we are describing Audrey Hepburn, we are speaking instead of a new wonder that can manufacture your dreams come true in resin—and straight of the PC at home or in the office. Add affordability into the factor, and again the whole box should come together comprehensively for the user on any level with the new line of mUVe 3D DLP Pro and Pro+ 3D Printers.

We’ve been next mUVe 3D with interest since they were founded several years ago by Dean Piper—a manufacturer with years of experience in working with and assembling 3D printing equipment. With a beginning in making and and so selling SLA parts, he rapidly moved to creating the mUVe 1 that was that successfully funded on Indiegogo and and so sold as an open-source DLP kit, garnering attention due to the true gap being bridged between novices wanting to be able-bodied to get a begin with resin yet battling high prices. Piper is one of those special manufacturers who is truly dedicated to his user base and providing accessibility actually in the face of what can previously have been seen as insurmountable-bodied lack of affordability for many.

ProdV2smmUVe 3D continues in this vein with the new line, that is defined as their many robust create to date. With an actually easier create and additional compact footprint—a thing always being a goal in 3D printing—they have in addition managed, additional importantly, to integrate stronger components.

Within an industry that has traditionally left resin 3D printing to the pros due to expertise level and expense, mUVe 3D has doggedly been working to reverse that, and as they profess with the new lineup of hardware, these printing equipment mean business.

“We understand it can be tough to begin out with a new 3D printing device, especially if you are new to the game. Resin based 3D printing has been around for a long time but for great reason are we now begining to break into households, home workplaces, and tiny businesses,” states the mUVe team on their website.

The new mUVe Pro series of 3D printing equipment showcases an all metal construction, and they are both pre-assembled. The all aluminum chassis has fewer parts, is stronger, and is in addition additional lightweight. Both the Pro and the Pro+ arrive with the FlexVat reservoir, that we’ve reported on at length previously as it’s quite a gamechanger in terms of enabling you to create hundreds of prints without having to replace the reservoir non-stick coating.

Whilst the Pro allows for for you to mount just about any projector you select, the Pro+ comes eager to go in that department. Even advantageous, software setup is as effortless as plugging it into your PC network and going to town with your initially create. That’s a big plus, as fiddling with a new program and attempting to learn a thing rigorous can be frustrating when you are chomping at the bit, eager to begin 3D printing your initially version.

Calibration is swift and effortless, and the nanoDLP with RPi 2 is both included and pre-loaded, which include all the next:

Mask assistAnti-AliasingPixel-DimmingDynamic Print SpeedBlackout During PrintsSVG, SLC, and PNG SupportCustom ButtonsEasy UpgradesUPnP Network DiscoveryCloud dashboard for remote monitoring.

UntitledAre you interested in pre-ordering one of these new DLP printing equipment? Find out additional here. The mUVe Pro 3D printing device is priced at $1499, while the Pro+ costs $2149. Great documentation and community assist are provided as well.

Further specs are as follows:

Build Area 175mm x 98.5mm x 250mmZ max with included reservoir and create plateX/Y and Z resolution fully adaptable-bodied to your needs1920 x 1080 pixel ViewSonic PJD7820HD or much like projector included with Pro+ version.Raspberry Pi 2 with nanoDLP preloaded included, effortless calibration and sample printing profiles.120-240VAC 50-60Hz approx 250W power consumption, US Power Cord Supplied.Large FlexVat and Build Plate not assisted, try the DLP ULTIPro+ instead! Large Build Plate dimensions 190mm x 270mm

Included Supplies for both printing device versions:

500mL MakerJuice SubSF ResinPart scraping spatula for removing printed partsPart rinsing containerSystem wiring, HDMI included