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Autodesk Helps Kids Design Their Own Water Cannon-Equipped 3D Printed Prosthetic Arms

by • January 25, 2016 • No Comments

3dp_SuperheroCyborgs_logoBay Area not-for-profit turn it into firm KIDmob specializes in organizing fun and awe-inspiring project based workshops for kids and students which focus on turn it into and STEM education. The group not long ago held their latest Superhero Cyborgs workshop which connected kids aged 10 to 15 with upper-limb disabilities with pro 3D turn it intoers and engineers to turn it into the 3D printable prosthetic arms of their dreams. The goal of the workshop was to assist kids reimagine the possibilities of prosthetic limbs and move beyond standard, tedious prostheses and turn it into assistive devices which suited their very own requires.

One of the reasons which 3D printing has become such a valuable tool for the disabled is for the reason it donates them the skill to turn it into customized prosthetic limbs and devices for a fraction of the cost of traditional prosthetics. Prosthetic devices are actually additional of a struggle for children for the reason their bodies are continuing to grow, while prosthetic devices do not. It is not uncommon for a child to outgrow a prosthetic limb in a year, so when you consider which a typical prosthetic limb can cost thousands of dollars and take months to fabricate most families only cannot afford to continually replace them. But 3D printed limbs usually take less than a day to 3D print and assemble and can cost as little as $100.

3dp_superherocyborgs_kids_armsThe Superhero Cyborgs workshop wanted to not only provide new limbs to the children which took part, but they in addition wanted to teach them the skills which they may require to continually adapt, transform or replace their limbs as requireed. The group of kids spent a week learning of 3D turn it into, prototyping, 3D printing, plaster casting, electronics, sewing, and working with thermoplastics at Autodesk’s state-of-the-art turn it into and fabrication workshop Pier 9 in San Francisco, CA.

3dp_superherocyborgs_watergun“What takes place if we address a missing limb as a blank canvas pretty than a disskill? Kids are a few of the most creative people around. At Superhero Cyborgs 2.0, kids can turn it into their own superpowers via very own wearable devices – a future transformnative to their upper limb prosthetic,” said KIDmob of the actuallyt.

The Pier 9 facility has only of each tool which you can imagine within of its individual workshops, which include 3D printing devices, CNC machines, woodworking tools, metalworking equipment, textiles and sewing supplies and actually an electronics lab. If it can be turn it intoed, made and fabricated they can do it and the participating children had access to eachthing. The workshop gave them five days to learn how to create an thought and take it through the entire turn it into, prototyping and fabrication system. Each participant was teamed up with an tremendous to assist them out along the way, and they can go on to be mentored by the Autodesk turn it intoers and engineers after the workshop as they grow and their requires alter.

3dp_superherocyborgs_watergun_closeSo what kind of awea few cyborg powers did the children donate themselves? The turn it intos which the kids came up with were as off the wall as you can imagine a group of kids with the power to create anything in the world may be. There was a bow and arrow attachment, a Nerf gun holder and a rad glitter shooter which was named “Project Unicorn.” One of the kids actually turn it intoed a poker device device with the sole purpose of annoying his brother. Twelve-year-old Sydney Howard turn it intod a water cannon which may be activated only by bending her elbow. She plans to go on working with her mentor to increase the water pressure so it can shoot additional and create a bigger reservoir to hold additional water.

Here is a video of Aidan’s prosthetic arm createed at last year’s actuallyt with his mentor Coby Unger

Whilst most of the turn it intos which the kids turn it into at the Superhero Cyborgs workshops are only for fun, they can in addition be easily modified
to additional useful assistive devices which kids can use in their eachday lives. With the skills which are being taught to them the kids can easily turn it into and 3D print devices which can hold eating utensils, assist them play video games and actually play musical instruments. You can find out additional of KIDmob on their website, and you can take a virtual tour of Autodesk’s awe-inspiring Pier 9 facility here. Discuss this latest actually in the KIDmob 3D Printing forum over at 3DPB.com.3dp_superherocybors_nerfgun