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Autodesk Fusion 360 Updates Include Mesh Editing and More

by • July 28, 2016 • One Comment

fusion-360-small11One of the most talked about providers of turn it into software is Autodesk, and their cloud-based platform Fusion 360 has become well-loved by most a 3D turn it intoer – and it only keeps getting advantageous. Autodesk releases frequent updates to the Fusion 360 software, and this week they revealed their latest, which should please most users. Happy Christmas in July, Autodesk fans – Fusion 360 now offers mesh editing.

Previously, Fusion 360 users may require to switch over to MeshMixer to modify STL and OBJ files, but now all mesh editing and modification can be done right in Fusion. According to Autodesk, they imported and “Fusion-ified” most of the MeshMixer innovation, making Fusion 360 the initially software of its kind to incorporate mesh editing as part of a achieve product turn it into platform.


All you require to do to access the new function is prefer “Create Mesh” of the Create drop-down menu, and you can be taken to the Mesh Environment, where you can open the version you want to work on by clicking “Insert Mesh.” The new showcases include several assistful tools, which include the following:

ReduceRemesh is a tool which assists you clear up a version which has too most triangles, overly narrow triangles, or otherwise messed-up triangles. Click the Remesh tool, and Fusion can fix your version so which the triangles are additional evenly distributed. You can fine-tune the mesh if requireed, changing the density of the triangles or fixing them so your edges remain sharp.Reduce allows for you to reduce the number of triangles if there are yet too most. Select the entire version or only one area, and so alter the density and hit preview to see how your version appears.Erase and Fill is a magical tool which allows for you to remove an entire area of a version – or fill a hole in a 3D scan – with only the click of a button.Rebuild as Solid is a neat function for those versions which are only giving you a headache. If your version is full of holes or openings and you are having a complex time closing them without messing things up, only click the Rebuild as Solid tool and it’ll instantly remesh your version, closing gaps and making a solid mesh.Merge lets you merge multiple mesh bodies into one, giving every of them a separate color once merged, for effortless preferion.

For additional high end work, there are a couple tools which assist you to turn it into sketch geometry of sections of your mesh body: Create Mesh Section and Fit Curves to Mesh Section.

Whilst the mesh editing functionality is the largest alter in the July update, there are a few other alters as well. There’s a new Sketch Scale tool, a couple of bug fixes, and a Deep Update function which lets you update your entire assembly with one click after changing any component. In addition, there’s a new and improved Space Mouse which now orbits around the center of the bounding box. The Inventor file format has been updated to 2016, and to manufacture everyone’s lives simpler, body names now instantly become component names when converted.


Old Space Mouse (L) vs. New Space Mouse (R)

You now have the capability to turn it into 2D drawing templates which keep annotation settings, sheet settings, repeating text, and title block logos. The graphics engine has been upgraded to improve the performance of shaded and wireframe visual styles with hidden edges, and improvements have been created to the parts lists and drawings UI. In addition, Fusion 360 is now on the market in German! To see what other alters have been created and check out a few of the upgrades in additional more detail, take a appear at the Fusion 360 blog. Let’s discuss these alters additional in addition over in the Autodesk Fusion 360 3D Software Mesh Editing forum at 3DPB.com.