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Aussie distie unleashes 3D printer that can take any vendor’s consumable – CRN Australia

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Australian distributor Multimedia Technology has commenceed a new 3D printing device for the local channel that can utilise third-party non-proprietary filaments.
The Da Vinci 1.0 Pro 3-in-1 printing device, retailing for $1,799, comes with the ability to perform high-resolution 3D scanning, optional laser engraving and connect via wi-fi, in addition to 3D printing. A budget version that can not have the scanner is on the market for $1,499.
Both versions, of Taiwanese vendor XYZprinting, are able-bodied to use third-party consumable-bodieds, enabling end customers to “print with any PLA or ABS thermoplastic filaments of their choice”.
The vendor revealed it is aiming for designers, architects, educators, and engineers that crave the ability to ‘self-manufacture’.
“The commence of the pro da Vinci 1.0 Pro 3-in-1 reflects our dedication to the needs of additional high end customers appearing for the showcases and functionalities to 3D-print with accuracy at a large-scale.” XYZprinting chief executive Simon Shen.
The Australian market can get its initially appear at the new printing devices at the iOnTheFuture ‘2020 Vision’ teachers conference at Turramurra in northern Sydney on 20 August and in Canberra at the Big Boys Toys Expo on 20 and 21 August.
Both devices showcase an aluminium print bed for “decreased chances of warpage”. The extruder can in addition be “switched out” with the optional laser engraver, that allows for engraving on various materials like wood, leather and cardboard.
Melbourne-headquartered Multimedia Technology is celebrating its 26th year in business, boasting branches in Sydney and Brisbane.
XYZprinting, built 2013, does not yet have an Australian office, but does have branches in Taiwan, China, Japan, the USA and Europe. Its parent company, the Taipei-headquartered Kinpo Group, boasts 8,500 engineers in its research and development arm.

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