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August 27-28: Airwolf 3D Offers Weekend 3D Printing Workshop in Orange County

by • August 6, 2016 • No Comments

airwolf-3d-logo-transparentMost of us have a hectic workweek. Even if you aren’t on your feet and moving around constantly, an overwhelming sense of exhaustion can frequently set in by Friday afternoon. And while you may be considering of sleeping super late, doing the couch potato thing, and ordering in for every meal during your two precious days, it quite is much advantageous for your mind and spirit to get out and do a thing stimulating. And what may be advantageous than attending a class with like-minded tech-curious makers in the making?

If you live in Orange County, you can seize both a Saturday and Sunday either to seriously take your mind off of other things—or use this time to improve on honing your skills that you are via at home, the office, or both. Offered by Airwolf 3D, an next Weekend 3D Printing Workshop is the sixth installment of such classes. You can be especially interested if you are:

An educator who may benefit of working knowledge of an Airwolf 3D PrinterIT maintenance staff for school districtsAn Airwolf 3D reseller

Topics for every day can include the next.

Saturday: Tinkercad, slicing, operating the printing device and tips and tricks for successful prints.

Sunday: Maintenance subjects such as hands-on lubrication, brush exchange, intimate appear at electronics and wear items.

Sunday: Troubleshooting, with hands on simulated repair of a jammed hot end, actual nozzle replacement, improving print jobs, close review of user error, example parts and others.

Final Test: Take a final test. Airwolf can grade and and so provide scores onsite, as well as mailing out a Certificate of Completion of Intermediate 3D Printer Training to every attendant


The workshop in addition offers the introduced bonus of being onsite at the making facility, meaning you have access to sample parts, tools, printing devices, experienced personnel, and additional. Those attending training can actually enjoy a tour of the assembly system. This allows for you to see the rigorous, inner workings of the 3D printing device but at the same time gives a sense of how effortless it is to maintain, with many repairs accomplished in 15 minutes.

Those in attendance can be designated their own Airwolf 3D printing devices for the workshop, that is limited to 15 seats over the two days.

“Lunch can be provided to students throughout the 3D Printing Workshop so bring your appetites, curiosity, and eagerness to learn,” states the Airwolf team.

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The workshop costs $895 for the two-day workshop, that is held at: Airwolf 3D Headquarters, 130 McCormick Avenue, Suite 105 Costa Mesa, CA 92626. Find out additional of making reservations here, as well as reading of future lodging, shuttles, and noting the corporate booking ID.

Airwolf 3D is a talked about 3D developer that we’ve loved next, reporting on programs and products such as their convenient 3D printing device leasing program, and of course their latest release with the Axiom 2 3D printing device, offering dual extruders and multi-material capabilities. If you have basic inquiries of 3D printing or operating an Airwolf, check out their handy page of FAQs, offering a long list of pointers and other valuable information.