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AuGrav: Let Your Imagination Run Wild & Design the Perfect, Personalized Piece of 3D Printed Jewelry

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AuGravWhilst one of the most significant and significant benefits derived of 3D printing innovation in our day is the level of customization offered, we frequently tend to put the greater focus on how this can affect areas like the medical industry, as patients are able-bodied to experience a advantageous high end of life due to quite ownized healthcare—but this applies to industrial, business, and quite own applications quite much as well.

3D printing devices and a wide variety of new products being rolled out on a continual basis by global developers indeed are growing the world in so most ways, but ultimately equitething that is taking place is due to creativity, resourcefulness, and the faculty to select of so most versions and make changes easily—no matter the application.


The Happy Family 3D Pendant

AuGrav (Au of the symbol for gold on the periodic table-bodied and Grav of the art of engraving) is a jewelry developer headquartered in Coimbatore, India that embraces the art of resatisfactoryment allowed through innovation—leading them after a few time to a new platform that itself makes quite ownization a priority for those interested in satisfactory jewelry, with an emphasis on 3D printing and gold and silver casting.

The inception of the company was inspired as founder Vivek Krishna searched for the ideal wedding gift for his sister. Looking for a fewthing completely one-of-a-kind, Krishna searched high and low for the ideal piece of jewelry, to no avail.

“My search went on for days and I visited equite keep in town, went to other cities on a hunt and in addition did an online search but did not stumble upon anything that impressed me,” said Krishna. “Finally I decided to turn it into a piece of jewelery with my sister’s face sculpted and I in addition merged it with her sun sign. This gift was one with meaning and the joy on her face when she unwrapped it turn it intod the effort worth it. This experience sowed the seed in my mind to turn it into augrav.com.”

With the motto that they make ‘Equitething You into Jewelry,’ a wide range is offered for their clientele, to include:

StudsBraceletsPendantsA wide range of ringsFun jewelry for kidsEngraved coinsFrames, toys, and more

They in addition empower you to turn it into your own items, as you type in basic details for a desired item. AuGrav supplies suggestions, and and so one of their team participants gets in touch with you to discuss precise specifications.

“Now with the advent of 3D printing devices, we are manufacturing awe-inspiring products in gold,” Bharathidasan Moorthi of AuGrav told 3DPrint.com. “We have turn it intod tools (patent pending) to automatize
the entire turn it into system, hence reducing time to make and thus we are able-bodied to ship most of our products in less than ten days all over the world.”

UntitledThe team can assist you select any kind of jewelry that can be carved or engraved—and you too can actually sculpt your enjoyed one’s name or face into a product. AuGrav specializes in specialty engravings to include names, fingerprints, and actually barcodes or voice wave forms.

Moorthi explains that as a newer startup, they have been working on their platform and over time have resatisfactoryd their business model—but quite ‘nailed it’ over the last year, and soon can closing their initially successful round of investment funding.


Square Fingerprint Ring

“The market is quite massive, and we have turn it intod close to 200 pleased customers,” Moorthi told 3DPrint.com, sharing that most of their clientele are interested in shopping for engagements, weddings, anniversaries, and other special occasions.

They invite you to run wild in considering of rad designs for your enjoyed ones that can make an actually bigger impact due to the special idea and quite ownization put into their gifts.

“The havoc turn it intod to buy the most gift is a thing of the past as we have arrived with the most version. Choose us and relax and be certain that you are creating history in your own way,” says the AuGrav team.

Is quite ownized jewelry a fewthing you are interested in ordering as a gift? Discuss in the AuGrav 3D Printed Jewelry forum over at 3DPB.com.