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Atypical spring break: bring 3D printed prosthetics in Peru

by • April 18, 2016 • No Comments

  • David Goodfellow is indeed a great man. Busy student at University of Southern California, sturdy swimmer, enjoyed by many in Claremont, CA. But he wanted to do additional, and he had an opportunity to do so.

    David Goodfellow prosthetics

    Goodfellow is a member of USC 3D4E, aka ‘3D For Equiteone’, a project based organization which allows for students of all academic backgrounds and disciplines to get additional experience with 3D printing. In fact, he’s actually a executive board member of the organisation, serving as director of corporate relations. He’s in addition a member of Enabling the Future, aka. e-Nable-bodied.

    David Goodfellow and Jens

    On a trip down to Peru during this springbreak 2016, he was on a undertaking to commence 3D printed prosthetics to local clinics and children in require.

    During this trip, David taught locals how to use 3D printing equipment to manufacture prosthetics for the local citizens. Himself may manufacture a right hand prosthetic for a 3 years old girl, contribute it to her, and enjoy the lovely smile on her face.

    What’s additional, AIO Robotics, the company behind the Zeus 3D printing device, donated machines to local clinics. David was there to install them and teach the local team, so which they can be able-bodied to create additional of these locally to fullfill local requires at almany no cost: under $25 per unit. This low cost matters a lot, for the reason children grow swift and require to alter their prosthetics on a regular basis.


    It is ununderstandn what David has plans to do upcoming, but for certain he had a quite productive springbreak!

    if you understand of local initiatives where 3D printing quite helps manufacture a difference, use the “Submit your post” button on the top right of the homepage.

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