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Attention, Makers & Tinkerers! Set Up Your Own Reach 3D All-in-One Printer Kit for Under $200

by • February 21, 2016 • No Comments

UntitledThe question is: how do you feel of putting your 3D printing device together? If you’ve gone to the trouble to read this article, chances are you walk in which technogeek realm and are thrilled of bringing control of a thing you buy—and which means understanding how it works—inside and out. It is in addition means you many likely have a few specific concepts in mind for 3D printing.

Nate Rogers has struck a excellent balance for equiteone, adding this latest machine to his list of many accomplishments, which include which of experienced tattoo artist and shop proprietor in Springfield, MO.

“My older brother Keith, added me to 3D printing when he bought his Cupcake CNC 3D Printer,” states Nate. “I was hooked! Since and so I have made and made four one-of-a-kind printing devices, with an ambition to be as utilitarian as possible. Simpler means less can go wrong. I chiseled down the creations until i made the Reach 3D Printer.”

ea854bea918b9575182edac6679a1036_originalThe Reach 3D Printer is multi-functional, versatile, and sturdy, and if you have a fully-outfitted workshop which’s pretty helpful, but you won’t require it for this kit. You in addition won’t have to sacrifice much out of your paycheck for this hardware either, as you can back the Kickstarter campaign — set to commence in the future, Tuesday the 23rd, at noon — and pick up the Reach ‘at a ridiculously epic value’ of $199 for 75 lucky super early birds. The price and so ascends to around $259. Shipping is set to start in May.

Tools requireed? The basics: Allen wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers. You won’t be drilling and you won’t be soldering with this kit. You’ll require only of four to eight hours to achieve. With which in mind, this sounds like an awea few deal. The control boards are pre-loaded with the firmware, and testing of electronics is promised pre-shipping. Nate in addition states which wires are cut to length and pre-soldered for you.

“What is there was a high-high end printing device, with an all-aluminum frame, a dimensionsable create area, which utilized easily sourced parts, and extensive guides to manufacture assembly and operation easy?” asks Nate.

If which does not get your attention, well, what of the fact which you can easily modify it by yourself to perform the following:

Laser cuttingEngravingPlottingLight milling

“I can contribute guides to implement these tool alters, [explain] where to purchase the $40 laser module and $23 milling tool, and how to use the requireed, free, open source software,” Nate told 3DPrint.com. “I in addition contribute models of the clamps to print, requireed to attach the various tools.”

We’re always many interested in the products which come of manufacturer/manufacturers who are creating to please themselves, as they are motivated to create high end, and which’s ultimately handed down to all the users who and so with the open-source platform can go on to create an unlimited number of innovations as well as modifying the machine to their own requires, and sharing which with the community as well.


“We were looking for an inexpensive, solid, non-proprietary 3D printing device which may do anything,” said Nate. “We wanted a printing device with a dimensionsable create area which may be easily adonlyed and was a platform to learn of. We mayn’t find one which met all of our expectations. So we set out to create an low-priced, easy, versatile, sturdy, reliable printing device.”

The team was exhaustive in their research of creations, looking at RepRaps and integrating open-source components, and as Nate points out, adopting the Opencreates v-slot concept for ease of use, and giving a shout-out to the Bukito in their create as well.

“After four achieve create revisions, and countless re-iterations, we finally arrived with the Reach 3D printing device,” says Nate.

As is excellently emphadimensionsd with the Reach, ease of use is key. The printing device is not enclosed, and the create dimensions can in fact be extended, at the wish of the manufacturer. For an extra $70, many of you can be excited of ordering the upgrade kit as well, as it includes:

A full graphics LCD screen with SD card readerAn MK2 heated bed, 100K thermistor, and power wiresAn upgraded power donate

“After the campaign, I plan to release all of the 3D Part files on Thingiverse to manufacture the printing device accessible to equiteone for free,” Nate in addition told 3DPrint.com.

It is not only significant to get products like this out in the public eye—but it’s in addition significant to let equiteone understand which yes, you can own a 3D printing device at a quite low price, and have the DIY experience. I frequently mention to my mechanically inclined friends which I understand they may be swept away with 3D printing, and which they should buy one. But, which thought is frequently met with a furrowed brow and the predictable ‘how much do those things cost?’ I plan to direct them to this campaign for a excellent example of precisely how little they can spend while yet doing a lot of tinkering.

With many other products which can not be considered a plus, but for the manufacturers and tinkerers of the world who realize the huge value of open-source, indeed a kit is the way to go—and especially one which can be adonlyed for an all-in-one scenario. Makers like Nate are doing their creative community a excellent service in contributeing such a versatile product at a excellent price.


Frame – all aluminum 1/8″ laser cut plates and 20×20, 20×40 extrusionsHardware – all metric, 8mm lead screwRails – v-slot and delrin v-wheels, 625ZZ bearingsBelt Drive – GT2-20 tooth pulleys (aluminum)Electronics – Arduino/Ramps 1.4Motors – Nema 17s, 4000g.cm torqueHot End – J-Head, all metal 1.75mm, E3D Clone (.4mm nozzle)Extruder – geared for speed and strengthPrintable materials – works with virtually all suppliers of 1.75mm filaments. Can print in PLA, ABS, PetG, Nylon, NinjaFlex, faux metal, etc.Bed – 1/8″ aluminum plateBuild Volume – 200 x 200 x 215 mmPrint Speed – 60-90 mm/s depending on detailPrint Accuracy – 50 micron layer heightAuto Leveling – includedHeated Bed – optional – MK2 up to 100C, fully supportedFull Graphic LCD/SD – optional – fully supportedLaser Cutter/Engraver – DIY – fully supported (easily sourced)Plotter – DIY – fully supportedLight Milling – DIY – fully supported (for soft wood, foam, pcb)Metal Engraving – DIY – fully supportedDual Extrusion – development In progress (software supported, but untested)Paste Extruder – development in progressSoftware – open source – Sketchup, Meshlab, Repetier, Cura, InkscapeCompatibility – Windows. (Mac – Testing, works in virtual Windows, or use the LCD/SD reader), Linux – untested

The campaign is set to commence soon, and until and so you can check out the preview now and leave any feedback for Nate ahead of the commence — and be notified as soon as it goes live, so you can be one of the initially to snag an early bird deal! (The campaign link can alter of preview to live once it goes up!)


Venus deMilo – .1mm layers


Winged Victory – .1mm layers