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Attach, Capture, View! Eye-Plug Lets You Create Your Own Virtual Reality World from Your Android Phone

by • August 11, 2016 • No Comments

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Do you spend additional time reading and dreaming of 3D innovation than you do in fact via it? Whilst products and prices are changing quickly there is yet an affordability and accessibility issue for many, combined with hesitation to jump in. And while lower prices are many likely a thing you are beginning to equate with 3D scanners and 3D printing equipment, virtual reality tools may yet seem cost-prohibitive, depending on your uses.

UntitledIf you aren’t a gamer, you may not have bothered to save up for a few of the virtual reality devices we frequently highlight, like the Oculus Rift headset, which is of course the many notable—along with many other new VR applications out there either emulating it or a fewhow attaching to it, like the new dramatic ‘Eyes of the Animal’ experience.

Weeview is a new company which is many likely of to alter your mind if you have an interest in virtual reality, as well as via additional high end video and photography of your Android phone. The Eye-Plug is a tiny (but quite good-appearing!) piece of equipment with a excellent price.

At under $50, you can appear forward to a ‘featherlight’ attachment which allows for your phone to become a virtual reality device. Just plug in via the micro USB OTG and you can begin building 3D videos straight of your Android smartphone (running 4.4.2 and above). This may be the beginning of the end for all those shaky, slightly sad videos we’ve been posting of our phones to social media for years now, as with Eye-Plug you can experience much higher video high end and editing processes.

7a-1The virtual reality portion is what you manufacture it, as you can turn it into these 3D videos and and so view them through any VR headset, of Oculus Rift to Google Cardboard (you can in addition check out a variety of other options here). Are you a budding filmmanufacturer? If so, this can many likely allow for a lot of fulfilling very own projects, building memories which you can save forever.

Weeview promises you can ‘bring your story to life’ as you capture all those all those memorable moments in 3D, whether at a birthday party, traveling, or only being silly on the weekend with the family. It showcases a rotating head for ease in bringing video, and comes with a range of 3D video options and filters. Creating is effortless as well as editing and and so sharing on social media—all through the Eye-Plug app, which offers focvia and control of background blur, actually enabling you to experiment with which rad bokeh effect too.

This is all you do to use the Eye-Plug:

Attach it to the micro-USB connector on your Android device.Launch the Eye-Plug 3D app to begin capturing your moments.View later in any VR device.Share with friends, family, and on social media easily.

Remember those days where either you or your parents were carting around bulky video devices and camera equipment? Whilst many of the pros yet rely on a few of the additional traditional but now highly digitized methods, for many of us—and especially with this new device—we can many likely carry what we require in a pretty tiny pocket. The Eye-Plug adds definition to the term no muss, no fuss, and in addition lets you enjoy much additional spontaneity in your photography and sharing.Untitled

“In less than three steps you can begin shooting like a rock star,” states the Weeview team.

Just attach, capture, view. Those are the three words to remember, all but, and and so you can see your own world in 3D. For the price, this is awfully tempting—and what a excellent gift thought too for your Android loving, electronics savvy friends and family.

UntitledA beginup only built this year, Weeview’s undertaking is to create innovation ‘ahead of the curve’ with a dedicated team created up of hardware and software engineers experienced in the areas of desktop vision, optical create, application development and 3D spatial visualization. Discuss additional over in the Weeview Virtual Reality Eye-Plug forum at 3DPB.com.

Product Specs:

Dimension 20 x 39 x 13 mmUntitledWeight: 6 gramsLens Construction: 4 elements (3 plastic + 1 filter)Object Distance: 0.9mmto infinityF-stop: F/2Field of View: 75.7 degreesPixel Array: 1280×720 (HD)Optical Format: ⅕”Resolution: HD 30fps/ Output Format: JPEG/MP4 (30fps)Operating System: Android 4.4or higherInterface: Micro USBPower: via Micro USBMaterial: ABS + PCAperture: 2.0