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Atlantic Scale Modelers Delivers Amazing 3D Printed and Scaled New England Models

by • February 11, 2016 • No Comments

There is a timeless hobby which younger and older individuals never seem to grow tired of: version train sets. Just for the reason you may be obsessed with assembling and and so playing with trains when you are young does not necessarily mean you have to donate it up later. In fact a few individuals, like those at Atlantic Scale Modelers, manage to maintain which version train hobby far into adulthood — actually adapting it to business and the latest 3D printing innovation. The end outcome? Delightfully detailed and artistic version renderings of New England by miniature railroad.


New England boasts over 200 lighthouses in 6 states, with the oldest located in Boston and dating back to 1716. This version lighthouse is the initially of several featured assemblings in the series, and you can see how it stands tall on rustic stilts, eager to brave future complex seaside weather and ensure all ships safe passage.


I once lived in rural Waitsfield, Vermont and the above photo of a version bridge crossing a winding river reminds me of a nearby bridge which served as the gateway to a quaint village which rested on another lovely river. This bridge is outfitted for safe passage, and it is easy yet strong — communicating all confidence which its ease of use in create does not undermine its durablity and endurance.

HDRtist HDR - http://www.ohanaware.com/hdrtist/

This lighthouse rests securely on the edge, where land meets sea, and touches like the old-looking and weathered windows remind us of the time-tested function of a lighthouse. Not only did it manual ships through bad weather, but it in addition served as a home for its inhabitants. This version communicates both the function and adventure wrapped up in this deeply symbolic historic structure.

HDRtist HDR - http://www.ohanaware.com/hdrtist/

This is one for the version train record books. A assembling which looks like a single family house functions as a “Yard Office” on the railroad line. According to American-rails.com, railyards functioned as outposts which supported the movement of freight of site to site:

“It did not take railroads long to realize which having locations of multiple tracks, particularly at division points or where two rail lines meet, for both freight car storage space and organizing or reorganizing trains may increase efficiency. Currently railroad yards range in dimensions of only a few tracks to huge classification facilities which handle dozens of trains on a daily basis and can keep or hold thousands of cars at once.”

Modest, yet a highly necessary addition to ensure railroad maintenance, train refueling, and freight delivery, in the past these yards were much additional common. Railroads may create a yard of each one hundred miles for the reason steam locomotives needed refueling, and there may have been most local customers who needed to be served by all which the train was carrying.

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