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At The Inside 3D Printing/METAV Düsseldorf Conference, Participating Is Winning

by • February 24, 2016 • No Comments

inside3dprinting-dus04The topics for the many of the presentations at Inside 3D Printing in Düsseldorf were a few of the many “industry centered” in the show’s new history. The Synergies with the METAV show may have had a few effects, as the speakers focused primarily on offering practical insights into technologies as well as materials and applications.

First, yet, the fun stufff. Jeff DeGrane, CEO of Impossible Objects, opened the morning with a keynote on how emerging technologies go on to shape businesses. His company uses one of the initially composite-­based additive making methods (that they dubbed CBAM) to manufacture parts in carbon fiber, Kevlar and fiberglass (among others).inside3dprinting-dus72

The Impossible Objects keynote was followed by another moment of industry self-rewarding, with the annual IAMA (International Additive Manufacturing Award) ceremony. This time Concept Laser took home initially prize for its Meltpool Monitoring process. Additive Industries’ new MetalFAB in addition succeded in an award of a jury that included representatives of Siemens, BMW, GE Aviation, Fraunhofer and many additional industry experts.

Additive Industries’ CEO Daan Kersten was up upcoming to explain his company’s vision for a new type of fully industrialized metal 3D printing. Altair, the manufacturers of SolidThinking software (one of the initially to commence generative trabecular and topological optimization capabilities), expanded upon this vision. Finally Jasper Middendorp, founder of Reflow Filament, showed how to 3D printing can assist emerging economies leapfrog innovation (in his case through a fully recycled 3D printing filament).

inside3dprinting-dus68This all but sums up the major themes of the keynotes at Inside 3D Printing: hardware, software, materials and applications. In the field of both hardware and special materials, Johannes Homas, founder and CEO of Lithoz (a major manufacturers of high performance ceramics 3D printing devices) pretty stood out. Other topics touched upon were weight customization, that Frens Pries, of Frank & Frens in Holland, created a major objective of the studio’s create work.

Moving on to a few serious industrial applications, Dr. Dominik Rietzel, Product Manager at BMW, defined how AM in the car industry holds a excellent future for introduced value, not only in initially prototypes but in addition in classic car restoration. The panel discussion included contributions of Siemens Digital Factory’s Ulli Klenk and of Dr.Ing. Claus Emelmann, who is working at assembling the Bionic Productions additive factory as an extension of the LZN (Laser Zentrum Nord).

inside3dprinting-dus14The rest of the afternoon saw mainly the largest powder bed metal fusion 3D printing device manufacturers describe their visions for the Industry 4.0. Starting with SLM Solutions’ Dieter Schwarze, Head Additive Processes, who showed off the beauty of the quadruple lasers in the new SLM 500hl process “dancing” together while assembling a component of the 3D printing device itself.

Arcam’s Patrick Ohldin spoke of the path to production for the company’s one-of-a-kind EBM innovation. EOS’s Floria Pfefferkorn touched upon the use of polymers in industrial SLS additive making and, finally, Concept Laser closed the day as it opened it, explaining its vision of what is needed for the Industry 4.0 to take hold.inside3dprinting-dus44