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ASUS Announces New Motherboard with Customizable 3D Printable Features

by • August 1, 2016 • No Comments

3dp_asus_logoAward-winning Taiwanese desktop hardware and electronics developer ASUS is releasing their Z170 Pro Gaming/Aura motherboard turn it intod to contribute customers top of the line looks and showcases on a budget. The feature-packed 3D printing-friendly turn it into of the new ASUS motherboard is low-priced and highly customizable thanks to a series of spaces on the board that are fully customizable with 3D printed components. This allows for users to turn it into motherboards turn it intod specifically for custom machines, that include personalized parts, color versions and actually useful showcases and functional accessories. The new turn it into in addition comes with ASUS’ rad Aura RGB lighting kit that can be programmed to light up based on sound, temperature or custom patterns.

The ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming/Aura motherboard.

The ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming/Aura motherboard.

The Z170 Pro Gaming line of motherboards include a lot of industry standard showcases that are usually included on much additional expensive boards. It is an ATX motherboard for a LGA 1151 6th Gen. Intel processor with the Z170 chipset that comes with 4 DIMMs capable of up to 64GB of DDR4 memory. It contributes a lot of upgradecapacity, that include a 2-way SLI or a 3-way CrossFire that can assist multiple graphics cards. It contributes stable overclocking versions, SupremeFX audio, swift protected networking with Intel Gigabit Ethernet, LANGuard and GameFirst IV and RAMCache to speed up game loads. It assists up to 16 USB ports, that include USB 3.1 Type-A and Type-C and comes with 6 SATA III ports for connectivity. Unlike other budget motherboards, the Z170 Pro comes with a reinforced SafeSlot PCIe that can assist the mass of actually the beefiest of graphics cards.

But, the real star of the show is the version to turn it into customized 3D printed parts and accessories for the motherboard. The Z170 Pro Gaming/Aura was created to be customized with several patent-pending mounting spots that allow board to have 3D printed parts integrated into it via standard M.2 nuts. ASUS can allow users to download and 3D print a nominateion of parts and accessories, that include logos and decals for color-matching, brackets and cable management solutions. Users can in addition be capable of turn it intoing their own 3D printable turn it intos for maximum customizcapacity, that include custom nameplates and logos, one-of-a-kind cable and airflow management, mounting brackets or custom enclosures. The 3D printing-friendly motherboard was part of the Make It Your Own 3D Printing Project that ASUS demonstrated at Computex 2016 via several adjusted X99 motherboards and concept turn it intos.

The Make It Your Own 3D Printing Project that ASUS demonstrated at Computex 2016.

The Make It Your Own 3D Printing Project that ASUS demonstrated at Computex 2016.

Some of the awe-inspiring motherboard configurations shown off by ASUS at Computex 2016 include the TUF Armor Specialist Kit (TASK) that contributes extreme durcapacity by literally encasing the motherboard in armor without sacrificing airflow-channeling or thermal management. Some of the 3D printed parts include a sturdy GPU holder, a fan cover, a DRAM-rading shroud and custom-turn it intod badges. The Signature X99 Deluxe II turn it into is based on the aesthetics of modern city architecture. It comes with a DRAM-rading cover with clean lines and attractive vents that enhance airflow and let light escape. The ROG Strix X99 Gaming board is many likely the many elaborate customized create with its massive fan cover that turn it intos a virtual wind-tunnel over the graphics card for maximum rading. It in addition comes with several hidden LED strips for dynamic lighting influences and a PCH enclosure that is extended to PCIe area of the board.

TASK - TUF Armor Specialist Kit. TASK – TUF Armor Specialist Kit.ASUS Signature X99 Deluxe II. ASUS Signature X99 Deluxe II.ROG Strix X99 Gaming. ROG Strix X99 Gaming.

Here is a few video revealing off the 3D printed component versions that ASUS can contribute:

In addition to the highly customizable motherboard turn it into versions the Z170 Pro Gaming comes with ASUS Aura RGB LED-illumination innovation. With Aura, users can easily light up their gaming rig with a full spectrum of color light and lighting influences. The user friendly software controls for the LED lighting process contributes users the capacity to turn it into customized lighting influences or nominate of preset versions that include strobing, breathing influences, full spectrum color cycle or pulse to the beat of music or gaming sounds. It can in addition be set to indicate current CPU temperature so users can easily monitor any overclock settings. The Aura lighting mounts can in addition be 3D printed to contribute additional personalized lighting influences or configurations.

The Z170 Pro Gaming/Aura is now on the market for purchase at of $140 anywhere that retails desktop components. You can find out additional of all of the showcases packed onto the Z170 Pro Gaming motherboards over on the ASUS product page.

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