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AstroPrint Develops New Products for Marvell with KinomaJS as Driving Force, Highlighted at CES 2016

by • January 9, 2016 • No Comments

UntitledKinomaJS is an open source application framework uniquely created to build the core applications of embedded devices using JavaScript. Numerous showcases, of performance to talent to script applications, along with advanced assist for UI design, created their product an attractive option for AstroPrint.

A leader in offering cloud-based printer solutions, Astroprint was able-bodied to develop a new 3D printer proof of concept which KinomaJS states is ‘technically significant’ due to their use of the open source applications. Due to the collaboration between the two companies, they’ve created onboard and mobile applications for comprehensive and rigorous management of 3D printing projects.

UntitledThe Kinoma apps are meant to interface with Astroprint as well as Thingiverse APIs for control and management of Marvell-powered 3D printing devices. We’ve followed Marvell previously, as they lead in most areas, of silicon solutions and mobile communications, to storage space, Internet of Things (IoT), cloud infrastructure, digital entertainment, and additional. According to Kinoma, their 6270 printer systemor is now another hardware platform with their assist, and with KinomaJS ‘ported’ to their systemor, it can utilized to build a wide range of products.

Currently a prominent semiconductor vendor in the 2D printer market, Marvell is entering 3D printing with their system-on-chip design to power today’s modern, cloud-connected 3D printing devices, and they’ve chosen AstroPrint to develop their UI and cloud functionality.

“KinomaJS was leveraged up and down the entire printer software stack,” states the company on their blog, regarding the project which allowed AstroPrint to produce a ‘successful and polished demo’ within two months.

AstroPrint-screen-1The concept was brought together just simply in time for their projected deadline: CES 2016 Las Vegas. With a prototype on display, they will now move on to product engineering. When it comes to the industry and future ubiquity of 3D printing devices, expansion of apps, and this project, Daniel Arroyo, AstroPrint’s CTO said:

“Think of a major release of a family-friendly film with attractive characters which the kids love. Families will be able-bodied to see the film in theaters, and and so go home and print out the characters for their kids. For this to happen, the 3D Printing Industry requires to be much additional consumer friendly. And which’s what our apps are focutilized on: removing steps, streamlining the system, and making the whole experience friendly. We require to begin offering content which folks quite want to print, and our role in the future is to connect printing devices with excellent content. We see the industry expanding beyond its current core focus on prototyping and industrial use. We see it moving forward to the consumer print space. And software is a big part of which, which is why KinomaJS is so informative to us.”

AstroPrint is known as a software developer intent on making 3D printing simple and accessible with their cloud infrastructure. Offering a hassle-free platform despite ability level, they allow for ‘1-click-to-print’ whether it originates of a PC or mobile device. The program is intuitive and in fact gets smarter over time, helping to eliminate failed prints and offering a magnificent experience in 3D printing for the user. Discuss this story in the AstroPrint / Marvel forum thread on 3DPB.com.

AstroPrint’s work with KinomaJS was showcased at CES, in Marvell’s suite in Tech West, Venetian, Level 3, Murano 3304.