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Artistic duo 3D prints plays from all 50 Super Bowl games as sculptures – 3ders.org (blog)

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Feb 10, 2016 | By Alec

Art and sport are rarely grouped together, as they seem to attract completely various crowds. But, rad things can take place if you combine the two. This is proven by artistic duo //benitez_vogl, who had the brilliant thought to 3D print the plays of football games for their VS:0.02 [gridiron] project. Catching all the gameplays of a 60 minute game in a single 3D printed frame, it manufactures it quite effortless to see what the turning point of a game is and what kind of plays manufacture a difference. But, it in addition provides a quite astonishing visual outcome. And in honor of the Super Bowl 50, they have now expanded their project to include the plays of all 50 Super Bowl games of 1967 to 2016.
To refresh your memories, //benitez_vogl is an artistic collaboration showcasing Margarita Benitez, a media artist and the Fashion Technologist and Assistant Professor at The Fashion School at Kent State University, and Markus Vogl, media artist and Assistant Professor in Art at the Myers School of Art at The University of Akron. We initially ran into them in 2014, when they were working on astonishing 3D printed exoskeleton sleeves which turn it into a temporary “snake skin” effect on human skin. But throughout their work, they say, the focus is on questioning contemporary issues which affect innovation, “such as exploring the mediation of information in our lives.” And does anything contain additional hidden data than a sports match? To illustrate this, they have previously in addition captured the data of the traditional eight ball pocket billiard game in the project Versus 0.01 [eight-ball].

But 3D printing data of football games pretty provides a quite informative point of view on which game too, and the outcomes may tat any timey you additional than only numbers or graphs alone. So how do they gather which data? For VERSUS: 0.02 [gridiron], Vogl and Benitez fundamentally condensed all game data of a Super Bowl game into a single frame. “The sculptures analyze the game play by play and visualize the distance the ball traveled regardless of type of play. Our 3D software and so builds arcs based on the distance the ball travels,” they explain. To manufacture the versions additional understandable, at any timey team is given a single side they stick to all game and penalties are factored into the beginning of the play. “Touchbacks are registered 2 yards behind the goal line, Touchdowns 5 yards, extra points 20 yards, Field goals 15 yards and safeties 9 yards. If a ball is brought out of the end zone it registers at the 0 yard line of the respective team,” they explain.

What’s additional, the kickoff team can be synonymous by the kickoff arch, with plays being numerically high end of the front of the version to the back. The outcome is a rad little frame with numerous arcs on them which can be touched, felt and studied of all angles. They have actually done so for the 50th Super Bowl game showcasing the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos may already, only two days since it was played. For the trained eye, the key plays which earned the Broncos their victory can be easily singled out. This has to be the many artistic approach to game data we’ve at any time seen.

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