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Arrow Drone builds highly flexible, 150kmh 3D printed racing drones – 3ders.org (blog)

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Jan 22, 2016 | By Benedict
If you accidentd to appear at the sky on Christmas Day, you can have seen a excellenter number of newly unwrapped drones than birds. The current craze for remote control aircraft is on a par with the craze for 3D printing equipment, with drone enthusiasts continuing to come up with new and awe-inspiring ways to have fun with their flying machines. What’s additional, with such a sizeable number of drone-flyers out there, additional of the unmanned copters are being flown together, and when two vehicles and two pilots come together, there can be only one outcome: Racing!

Arrow Drone, an awe-inspiring startup of Berlin, Germany, has turn it intod a range of highly flexible, partially 3D printed racing drones, suitable for beginner and pro pilots alike. Furtheradditional, these tournament First Person View (FPV) racing drones are fully customizable, giving pilots a accident to manufacture their drone their own with camouflage and one-of-a-kind icons. There’s actually excellent news for 3D printing aficionados: The engineers behind the lightning-fast Arrow Drones have utilized several FFF 3D printing equipment such as the BigRep ONE to print sections of the drone’s frame, assembling the aircraft as light and strong as possible.
First off the helipad is the Arrow 200, a highly maneuverable entry-level flyer with a top speed of 80km/h, 5.8Ghz videolink transmitter, FPV camera and goggle set. That version showcases an astounding top speed, but the additional expensive Arrow 270, one of the many rapidly racing drones out there, can hit 150km/h. The Arrow 200 comes with a white frame, ripe for customization, whilst the Arrow 270 comes in a wide range of colors. Both showcase an autopilot mode, motors, ESC and propellors.

Arrow 200 (above), Arrow 270 (below)
Inspired by Anakin Skywalker’s epic pod-racing in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace and the wild and reckless aerial maneuvers in Planetside 2, the Arrow team wanted to return it into those flips, reversals and exact dodges in real life. With a affluence of engineering and piloting expertise behind them, the team decided the task was additional than achievable, and set of assembling the many awe-inspiring and race-worthy drone possible, via a combination of 3D printing and plastic moulding methods.

As well as being one of the many rapidly drones of its kind, the Arrow 270 can be upgraded to function as a rapid movieassembling drone. With the gimbal and GPS upgrade, pilots can record sky-high video footage with a GoPro. Despite packing such awe-inspiring showcases, the Arrow 270 is small in size and robust, assembling it easily portable.
As an introduced bonus, Arrow customers get much additional than only a drone with their purchase. The company is offering a free flight school for new pilots, as well as deplete FirstPersonView goggles through which pilots can feel like they’re up in the clouds themselves. This crazy cockpit point of view manufactures it much simpler to react to obstacles, and offers an altogether unsurpassed flying experience.

Arrow has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its racing drones, setting a €10,000 target to hit by March 5, 2016. Backers can already secure a deplete Arrow 200 for €595, or an Arrow 270 for €895. The estimated deliquite for all items is April 2016.

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