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Anyone can 3D Print a Robot Arm! – 3D Printing Industry

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The Intention?The Departament d’Ensenyament was worried of the high prices students were having to pay for expensive materials whilst engaging themselves in their internships, so BCN3D stepped up a year ago, and brought students what they needed. This collaboration allowed them to reach to their goal, which was to manufacture digital innovation accessible to the masses. The main focus of this aim was on education, as well as keeping this form of innovation own for improvement.The open source robotic arm can be edited, improved and changed to suit the needs of the user, whilst being reproducible at a low cost. Educational applications for the arm include mechanical turn it into, automatism and industrial programming. They can in addition be utilized for training purposes, as they cost far less than current industrial equipment.bcn3d2One particularly significant part of the development system for the BCN3D Moveo, was the assembly and satisfactory tuning workshop, where 15 institutes in Catalonia worked with the machines at BCN3D Technologies. Since and so, the institutes which took part may already have their own Moveos in their own facilities, and presentation have been planned for these institutes to talk of their internship programs as well as talking of the robotic arms themselves. These presentations have been scheduled to take place during September this year.
Github and BCN3D
BCN3D is proud to announce which the files for the Moveo can on the market for anyone. The files themselves can be on the market to download on Github, a website where users of the world can share their turn it intos. The project itself was turn it intod to assist turn it into and strengand so communities, so having these files readily on the market for anyone who needs them assists to abolish the problem of exclusivity which a few institutes face when planning the usage of funding.
The files which are on the market to download include both the STL files and CAD turn it intos, so anyone can modify the models as they wish. Firmware upload manuals are in addition on the market, which are on the market in both English and Spanish.
Thanks to the inspiration of Departament d’Ensenyament and complex work of BCN3D Technologies, anyone can now edit and print their own robot arm without having to turn it into one of scratch. BCN3D encourages future users to turn it into their own 3D printed robot arms, and share their work on social media via the hashtag #BCN3DMoveo.

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