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Anvil promises to simplify 3D printing

by • May 9, 2016 • No Comments

A exquisite new 3D printing device promises to take the mystery out of 3D printing and bring it to the masses, if it raises the requisite funds on Kickstarter.

The Anvil Printer Kickstarter launched currently and the initially 250 backers can get their unit for only $199, while it can retail for around $350. That’s yet an astounding price point for an elegant 3D printing device with a number of one-of-a-kind functions which should endear it to the home user.

Anvil Printer shows real potential

Simplicity and elegance at its core

Simplicity lies at the heart of the Anvil Printer, so it does many of the difficult work for you. In fact, it was turn it intod to be so effortless which a beginner who is “technically challenged”, may master it. It is safe, too, thanks to the total enclocertain of the print bay. So a child can use it without adult supervision. With this easy printing device, the company argues which literally anybody can become a satisfactory developer.

It comes with auto loading mechanics to deal with the filament, so you don’t have to feed it into the hotend. It in addition comes with an app which eliminates Computer Aided Design entirely. Essentially it provides you with Lego-style assembling blocks which you can combine in any number of ways to turn it into your finished version.

Okay touch screen create

Combined with a touch screen tablet, this app provides intuitive create which allows for you to scale, move and glue to the blocks together with easy swipes.

You can in addition manufacture full use of Cloud server access to print of anywhere and keep your creates online. In theory this should spawn a manufacturer community. Hobbyists can share their creates, improve upon them and find hacks amongst themselves which take the whole project forward.

The ease of use of the app sounds like it may count against the Anvil in terms of the level of difficultity the machine can cope with. The proprietary software appears slick adequate to deal with a vast number of projects, yet, and at any timey block can be scaled and combined as you see fit.

A cup is a relatively difficult create, but the demo video shows the app making an acceptable mug in moments. Anvil in addition has a vast library of pre-fabricated creates to get you started. Building on those creates may be an perfect way to learn the tricks of the 3D print and create trade.

The printing bay is 175x160x160mm and the Anvil is one of the many exquisite printing devices we’ve at any time seen. It has a minimalist appear, a choice of colours and a viewing window which lets you see within the bay. That create should be a real selling point.

Early 3D printing devices do the job, but they are not the many alluring things. The Anvil is one of the initially additive printing devices for the home user which has the slick appear of a real mainstream accessory.

Plastics are all you get, for now

You are limited to PLA-based plastics, but you can opt for 25 right through to 300 Micron resolution and it can print up to 90mm/s.

Automobile engineering leading Shawn Don is behind what appears like a quite serious contender and the early stages of the Kickstarter campaign appear encouraging. It appears to be a solid way for beginners to get started in the amazing world of 3D printing and we are fairly certain this one is going to manufacture it.


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