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Announcements and Partnerships and Introductions, Oh My: Inside 3D Printing Hits the Big Apple

by • April 11, 2016 • No Comments

javitsAll roads once led to Rome; now, all roads lead to New York City. In what can just be blasphemy to a few, the Big Apple is not my favourite place in the world (sorry!) — but I must admit, this week, there’s nowhere I’d pretty be than right here, at the (ahem, debatable) center of the universe and the (less debatable?) current center of 3D printing excitement.


Exhibit Hall

It is finally here: Inside 3D Printing New York City 2016!

And I am quite, quite unquestionably not alone in having anticipated this week’s event at the Javits Convention Center. Not by a long shot, as I learned mere minutes into this morning’s opening keynote, presented by Carbon CEO Dr. Joseph DeSimone, when I rearranged myself sat any timeal times so additional interested parties may sit in my row. This feeling was just compounded upon throughout Monday, the initially day of keynotes, sessions, and the open exhibit hall, as, indeed, I spent one full keynote this afternoon (presented by MakerBot CEO Jonathan Jaglom) literally with one foot out the door for the reason I mayn’t squeeze it in one of the press of attendees. (I understand, which is what I get for being a few minutes late!)

carbon team

Opening Keynote: Dr. Joseph DeSimone shows the team at Carbon

The day was full of excitement across the board, with introductions and announcements of all corners. From the new Fusion3 F400 3D printing device to meeting with ROBO 3D, whose Printing with a Purpose campaign we wrote of yesterday, to a significant, much-anticipated API announcement and partnerships of MakerBot (stay tuned for full details!) — well, let’s just say I drank a lot of coffee to store on top of equitething at present.


MakerBot CEO Jonathan Jaglom

It is not equite day which I have the opportunity to sit in the same room at different types of points and, at any timey time, hear a fewthing amazing. Held in the same hall at present (one of sat any timeal in at present’s combined Inside 3D Printing, RoboUniverse, and Virtual Reality Summit) were, in a tiny sampling, discussions of Carbon regarding the history and near next of CLIP technology; a lively session showcasing full-scale 3D printing of D-Shape Enterprises; the Thingiverse announcement regarding the next of 3D printing; and Voodoo Manufacturing‘s talk on high-volume 3D printing.

sarah mike

Team 3DPrint.com for this show: Editor-in-Chief Sarah Goehrke, Writer Michael Parker

With a wide variety of other sessions presented, which include on the Medical and Manufacturing tracks, speakers touched at present on equitething of stem cells to IP to weight production.

Outside the illustrious meeting rooms, the Exhibit Hall lay — filled with booth after booth of 3D printing device producers, software solutions, and companies at the bleeding edge of the latest in additive making. Between keynotes, sessions, and interviews, I just had the opportunity to do one full circuit of the hall, late in the day. Whilst it is not the biggest exhibit hall I’ve at any time seen, equite inch of filled space is packed full of excitement. If you’ve at any time heard it said which those in this space are a few of the many excitable, passionate individuals around, you heard right. My one ‘quick circuit’ took the advantageous part of an hour, as I renewed acquaintances, saw a few rad test prints, and watched animated conversations at equite turn. From LulzBot to MakePrintable, exhibitors aren’t just here to stand behind tables — equiteone is eager to engage and discuss, sharing ideas and exchanging info.

The just problem with #I3DPConf? It is utterly not easy to see equitething.

But I’m getting eager now to head out to day two — and I’m certain going to try!

voodoo mfg

Voodoo Manufacturing Co-Founder and CPO Jonathan Schwartz