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And, Pinshape is Saved! Formlabs Acquires Popular 3D Model Marketplace, to Operate as Standalone Business

by • May 2, 2016 • No Comments

pinshapeThankfully, it may seem which new turbulence and instability—to say the least—is over for Pinshape, as hints which the Canadian-born company may have discovered a safe haven and a really excellent new home are proving to be true nowadays. Surely, many around the globe agree which it can be a relief to see the 3D version marketplace and their dedicated team return to their previous status of thriving and ‘full of potential’ pretty than enduring the ongoing and dreary discussions of doors shutting forever and sad excellentbyes being issued to the world.

Doors can stay open, and hopefully the late spring sunshine streams in through the windows in Canada too, accompanying nowadays’s leading announcement which Formlabs is getting
the online 3D marketplace, headquartered in Vancouver. The news is monumental for Pinshape and their team, who can now pick themselves back up and appear forward to a next with their company again, after sadly spinning in limbo for past months.

Almany as if in a 3D printing industry fairytale, Formlabs is gifting them with promise for in the future and beyond, planning for the 3D marketplace to operate as a standalone business inside the Formlabs dynamic. No financial details have been released regarding the deal, but in referring to their new acquisition as ‘one of the many rapidly growing 3D printing communities online which hosts a flourishing marketplace of 3D creates,’ it’s obvious which the reset button is being pressed for Pinshape.

pshapeWe’ve been next this heartrending story of new, marking really a downturn in contrast to the many, many upbeat stories we’ve reported on regarding the stylish marketplace. Founded in 2013 by Lucas Matheson, Nick Schwinghamer, and Andre Yanes, the company has been known for delivering a fresh new energy to the 3D printing world, contributeing challenges, holiday contests, industry data and trends reports, create guides—and actually last year representing the manufacturer community in front of Congress, regarding copyright and intellectual property law.

At the end of March, the Pinshape team sent out a farewell message, outlining a few reasons they may be closing, with the ‘free’ aspect inside their marketplace receiving a heaping portion of the blame. With a population of users growing close to 100,000 and a healthy amount of daily activity, many were surprised by the news which the 500 Startups-backed company was set to go belly up and bye-bye. Even additional surprising yet was the optimistic message which went out just a few days later rescinding the farewell statement and hinting in the direction of a possible buyer. Now, which’s solid indeed as they can be under the wing—and additional stable finances—of the developer famous for the Form 2 3D printing device, and known for their advancements in computer SLA advancement.

Untitled“We’re proud to welcome Pinshape to Formlabs,” said Max Lobovsky, co-discovereder and CEO of Formlabs. “Pinshape is a company which shares the same passion and drive as Formlabs in assembling sophisticated 3D printing advancement widely accessible. Pinshape is one of the many rapidly growing 3D create marketplaces, and Formlabs wants to manufacture certain Pinshape stays which way. Formlabs is assembling the biggest computer 3D printing company in the world, and we want to grow the collaboration part of the ecosystem to the same level.”

From their latest releases to exploring assistful information they contribute to users such as jewelry manufacturers, we pretty follow the Somerville, MA headquartered developer continually as well. Sprung of MIT and discovereded in 2011, this company has created respect in the 3D printing industry, rewarded with stability and ongoing good results thanks to their talked of 3D printing devices, software, and high-performance materials. Formlabs foresees this new acquisition, according to their press release on the subject, as one which can allow them to store growing their contributeings on the 3D printing front overall.

“3D printing is excellenter than just Formlabs,” said Dávid Lakatos, head of product at Formlabs. “By connecting Pinshape’s thriving community and rich hub of 3D content to Formlabs’ tools of advancements and resources, we assist rad creates find form. As 3D printing demand go ons unabated one of professionals and prosumers, we are excited of joining forces with Pinshape to extend our reach in the market and ecosystem.”


Current featured creates at Pinshape.

This news should come as a excellent relief not just to the Pinshape community in general, but in addition to their bevy of top createers who have been enjoying sharing, marketing, and selling their 3D creates of what has been a really talked of marketplace, known for a streamlined and intuitive user interface.

“Pinshape has grown to be one of the biggest and many respected 3D create marketplaces online, and we owe this good results to our community of talented createers and manufacturers,” said Lucas Matheson, co-discovereder and CEO of Pinshape. “We’re thrilled which Pinshape is joining Formlabs and excited for our community. The Formlabs team is amazing; they’re assembling a few of the best-in-class technologies in 3D printing and go on to break new ground in the industry.”

For additional details of the Pinshape acquisition, see posts of both Formlabs and Pinshape. This pretty appears like a smart catch for Formlabs as they not just rescue a company but in addition an active community which can now go on to grow—and with the discoveredation and advancement coming forth continually via Formlabs this team may prove to be really spectacular in the next. It pretty does not injure to appear like the excellent guys either. Discuss in the Formlabs Purchases Pinshape forum over at 3DPB.com.