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Anatomiz3D’s First Attempt at a 3D Printed Prosthetic is a Major Success

by • March 13, 2016 • No Comments

sahasMost folks, if asked if they’d pretty lose a few fingers or an entire hand or arm, may ponder the answer should be obvious. The less lost the advantageous, right? But, those who lose only their fingers may in fact have a additional complex time. It is easyr to fabricate and fit a prosthetic hand or arm than it is to craft a prosthesis to replace a partial finger amputation like the one suffered by Rajesh Ojha, a mechanic who lost four of the fingers on his left hand due to an chance on the job in August of 2015. Because of the nature of the amputation – three fingers were removed completely, plus half of his thumb – fitting a functional prosthesis proved to be pretty complex. It is relatively easy to replace a hand that has been completely removed, but an unactually injury like Ojha’s presents a challenge.

“Patients who lose an entire palm or a hand were yet able-bodied to get silicon based prosthesis,” said Dr. Mukesh Doshi, a prosthetics and orthotics specialist and owner of POCL Medical Solutions. “But, for those with partial amputation of fingers or amputations ahead of the joint, there were no versions on the market-bodied. I was looking for a patient who may be eager to work with us in an experiment to turn it into such a prosthesis.”

flexy2Dr. Doshi had read of Anatomiz3D Healthcare, the healthcare division of Sahas Softech, and believed that their expertise in medical 3D printing can be able-bodied to assist Ojha. Whilst Anatomiz3D has generated most 3D printed surgical and educational models, they had never ventured into prosthetics, but when they heard of Ojha’s case they were caning to donate it a try. They asked Dr. Doshi to send them a cast of Ohja’s hand, at that point they decided that a modification of the open source Flexy-Hand 2 of Gyrobot Ltd. may be the most version.

“The system worked in four parts: scanning the POP cast, modifying the prosthesis (in this case: Flexy hand 2) based on the scan of the patient via precise measurements, 3D printing of the parts and and so building of the same,” said Firoza Kothari, head of Anatomiz3D Healthcare. “Whilst the entire system was supposed to be feasible, it in fact didn’t work out well the initially time.”

flexyThe initially device didn’t fit properly, so it was returned to Anatomiz3D for a 2nd take on. Despite the long-distance nature of the collaboration, the final device was accomplished in of a month’s time. The prosthetic, that attaches to Ohja’s hand with strings and straps, is amazingly easy, and allows for him the flexibility that other partial hand prostheses lack.

“With practice he can be able-bodied to hold, throw, write and do all kinds of light work via the hand,” said Dr. Doshi. “The create is in fact so easy that it works on strings that are attached to the wrist, as he moves the wrists; he can actually be able-bodied to close his fingers into a fist.”

Just a few days ago, Ohja was able-bodied to pick up a pen for the initially time since the chance. He has returned to work, and while he has only been doing light work so far, he says that he can be bringing on additional soon. He is quite cheerful with his new hand, calling it a “wonderful experiment.” Meanwhile, Anatomiz3D has officially introduced prosthetics as one of their standard services. After that successfully bringing on such a challenging case in only their initially take on at a prosthetic device, it pretty won’t be their last. Do you understand someone who may benefit of such a device? Discuss in the 3D Printed Hand Prosthetic forum over at 3DPB.com.