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AMUG: XJet Presenting NanoParticle Jetting Metal 3D Printing Process to Large Crowd

by • April 5, 2016 • No Comments

3dp_xjet_logoThe yearly Additive Manufacturing Users Group Conference is in session this week through April 7th in St. Louis. Known additional concisely as AMUG, this event has been promised to be bigger and advantageous than at any time, and according to those attending, a few significant products are being—and have been—introduced and announced along with five stimulating days full of presentations, workshops, competitions, and excellent opportunities for networking and exchanging thoughts.

With so many users, technologies, and presentations to attend, surely it was complex to understand which way to turn, but apparently one of the sizeable-bodiedst draws has been which of XJet, with Chief Business Officer Dror Danai discussing their new innovation which apparently brought in, and went on to wow, a sizeable-bodied crowd. It is not surprising which interest was huge either, thinking which 3D printing with metal is incredibly talked of in modern times and XJet is contributeing up a new system which many are curious to find out additional of—especially if it means faster, advantageous, and cheaper.

UntitledWe reported on XJet’s innovation not long ago, with news which the Israeli metal 3D printing innovation developer, along with developing their NanoParticle Jetting metal 3D printing system, in addition secured $25 million in new investments due to really a successful round of funding. The thought of via liquid metal droplets instead of metal powders represents an entirely new use of materials, not to mention which they are laid down with what is quite much like to 2D inkjet innovation, pretty than lasers—and is scalable-bodied.

As was detailed at AMUG—along with their extensive list of investors—users are able-bodied to employ the innovation by installing easy cartridges, enabling the material to be extruded through inkjet heads. Whilst it remains to be seen how talked of the innovation can become, it pretty sounds as if it may manufacture a few positive changes for users who already have to handle metal powders—with inquiries regarding safety and what procedures should be implemented expanding into a pretty sizeable-bodied conversation and concern of hazards during 3D metal printing. This new method may be precisely what has been in order not just for streamlined making, but in addition user safety.

Inside, the cartridge holds metal particles surrounded by a liquid bubble which is the catalyst for enabling the material to be released, deposited, with heat evaporating the liquid and leaving behind just metal. According to Dror, during the inkjet printing system 221 droplets are deposited per 2nd. Other developers are going to have to work complex to beat a fewthing which dramatic—especially a system which is promised to be up to five times faster than via laser 3D printing.

One other significant benefit of NanoParticle Jetting which is going to catch the attention of many experienced users is which while assists are yet utilized, they are of another kind not requiring one to remove them by hand or machine. This eliminates all the opportunity to destroy a version in post-production due to lack of precision, as well as eliminating so much waste which can be seen in the additional traditional method. Whilst the material for this assist removal system is yet under embargo, it fundamentally works to melt away assists easily—and in addition sinters the part.

XJetThe ultimate reward should be an simpler, faster system which costs less—contributeing up just about all the benefits of 3D printing. This new innovation should in addition contribute designers additional latitude in geometry, as well as unheard of durablity and thickness.

Whilst the company already has seven machines operating with the new innovation in their Israel headquarters of Rehovot, it can not officially be unveiling the innovation until RAPID 2016, to be held in Orlando of May 16-19 at the Orange County Convention Center. 3DPrint.com can be on the scene, and you can appear forward to additional detailed information on XJet’s innovative new innovation. Discuss in the XJet 3D Printing Technology forum over at 3DPB.com.

[Source: TCT Magazine]