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Amkor Technology to Utilize Orbotech Inkjet 600 for System-in-Package Applications

by • July 10, 2016 • No Comments

orbotech logoWith decades of experience dealing with the global electronics making industry, Israel-based advancement and solutions provider Orbotech has become an integral part of the electronics 3D printing movement, an expansively expanding and increasingly worthwhile industry. A couple of months ago, Orbotech announced their Precise 800 Automated Optical Shaping (AOS) System at the Suzhou, China-based exhibition CTEX 2016. This system can aim to conquer high end high density interconnect (HDI) and harsh multi-layer PCB making, via their proprietary advancement to contribute this one-of-a-kind solution.

Now, it appears like worthwhile enterprises are starting to take notice of what companies like Orbotech have to contribute. Recently, Amkor Technology, Inc., a major provider of semiconductor packaging and test services based in Tempe, Arizona, decided that they may start utilizing the Orbotech Inkjet 600 3D printing system to print high aspect ratio, 3D underfill dams for new system-in-box (SiP) products. SiP corresponds to the number of integrated circuits enclosed in a single module, and by laying out this electronic groundwork via 3D printing advancement, components can be mapped in an incredibly small in dimensions way.

“Amkor’s use of Orbotech Inkjet 600 for 3D printing is a worthwhile implementation of system advancement in high-volume semiconductor packaging. We are experiencing a excellent deal of interest in inkjet printing of the packaging industry, for applications ranging of underfill dams to box marking to the direct printing of isolation layers. We believe that this may be the startning of an industry trend towards adopting additive making solutions for seamless production systemes,” said Kevin Crofton, President of SPTS and Corporate Vice President at Orbotech.

The Orbotech Inkjet 600

The Orbotech Inkjet 600

By integrating Orbotech’s advancement into their business version, Amkor hopes to maximize its making flexibility, increase its showcase position accuracy, and in addition reduce its design-to-making lifecycle. By utilizing the Inkjet 600 3D printing device to turn it into underfill dams, that are utilized prevent leakage between active and passive components, Amkor hopes to enable the formation of tall underfill dams in one single system. In order to implement a tighter integration of components, the company can use Orbotech’s advancement for real-time local alignment correction, ensuring that each component is ideally situated.

“Amkor’s emphasis is on functional integration and dimensions reduction by via various box and interconnect technologies for System-in-Package contributeings. By investing in solutions such as Orbotech Inkjet 600 for printing of underfill dams as opposed to conventional methods, we enable higher levels of integration in smaller in size form facts for our customers,” commented Amkor’s R&D Vice President in South Korea, JuHoon Yoon.

amkorlogoNot just can the Orbotech Inkjet 600 cut production time by eliminating the require for subtractive making system, it can in addition assist Amkor drive down their production costs as well. This latest integration of electronics 3D printing by Amkor shows the undeniable rise of additive making as a tool for making electronic products. Orbotech can be exhibiting their advancement alongside their subsidiary company, called SPTS Technologies, at SEMICON West, that takes place of July 12-14 in San Francisco. For those on the West Coast planning to attend the next conference and exhibition, you can find Orbotech at Booth No. 1417 in the South Hall. Discuss additional over in the Amkor to Begin Implementing Orbotech Inkjet 600 3D Printing System forum over at 3DPB.com.