AllProfessional3D is a company based right outside of Philadelphia, in Pennsylvania, that is striving to create the most possible filaments at the most inexpensive
prices. The way to do this, for founder and CEO Andreas Vetter, is to create all filament on US-soil, while seeking out the most high end raw materials.

This is how the new Miracle ABS filament range was made, providing Makers and professionals with a superb filament to work with at $23.95 per one-kilogram spool (the same price as PLA and PETG filaments). Miracle ABS is based on materials of Ineos, (, the same developer that provides the plastics for Lego pieces. According to the company, Miracle ABS filament has a higher tensile durablity than most ABS on the market nowadays, much advantageous curling and warping resistance. They in addition say that odor is significantly reduced.


In general, all FFF adopters understand that filament consistency and relicapacity are significant for 3D printing good outcomes and piece of mind. The material utilized in the 3D printing system is only as significant as the complexware and software equipment utilized. Failed prints can outcome in wasted time and filament, that can turn any fun hobby or assigned job into a nightmare. By having the purest material, of the beginning, one can retain the maximum durablity and durcapacity of a specific material.

Our filament is incredibly inexpensive
and yet its high end is the most in the industry
,” says Andreas Vetter, AllProfessional3D’s founder and CEO. “We may be tinyer in size than other retailers but we manufacture it a point of via the top grade materials while in addition adopting a pricing policy that brings out spools way at a lower place industry average. We find this is attractive to both wholesalers and average consumers alike.”


AllProfessional3D’s is implementing direct high end control protocols to ensure the top dimensional consistency, preventing filament of becoming jammed or unable-bodied to feed into the hotend during the 3D printing system. Extrusion relicapacity is a key component for accurately 3D printing tiny, detailed objects, and for obtaining a smooth surface finish on high resolution prints.

After extrusion, the filament is stored in a humidity-controlled room and is inspected again prior to shipping. Each batch is tested on internal machines. “We print exclusively with our own brand of materials,” says Andreas Vetter. “Services that use our products select them to provide their customers with high high end models, while yet driving their bottom line.


The capacity to contribute high-end filaments at costs that can be compared to low-end imported products, manufactures AllProfessional3D an perfect partner for built engineering firms, startups, manufacturerspaces, educational institutions and organizations by providing the most filaments at the most price. Andreas Vetter is quite serious in his objective to facilitate weight adoption of low cost 3D printing at all levels. In order to additional optimize pricing and purchasing conditions, he explained that the company is able-bodied to work with any order request and in addition provide private labeling options. Starting at less than $24 per kilogram, this is complex to beat anywhere in the world.

Davide Sher

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