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Alexis Walsh Shows 3D Printed Spire Dress and Lysis Collection at New York Fashion Week

by • February 15, 2016 • No Comments

The James A. Farley Post Office Buildingin New York, just across the street of Penn Station, bears an oft-quoted inscription over its entrance: “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers of the fast completion of their appointed rounds.” Apparently, this applies not just to postal carriers, but to the well-heeled styleistas, the dogged media, brilliant developers and the other intrepid souls who flocked to New York Fashion Week shows despite rain, snow and sub-zero temperatures (Sunday marked the coldest Valentine’s Day in New York in a century). Excessive traffic and subway train delays may have cautilized a few shows to have a late begin last week, but the shows did go on.

Unfortunately, due to a last minute schedule alter, I missed seeing Alexis Walsh’s creations on the runway, but I did get to meet the talented developer backstage at Oxford Fashion Studio’s New York Collections show at Studio 450. Walsh was revealing her LYSIS Collection, which debuted at the 3D Print Fashion Show at Inside 3D Printing in April, and the Spire Dress which she co-turn it intod with partner Ross Leonardy.

Ross Leonardy and Alexis Walsh with their Spire Dress backstage at the Oxford Fashion Studio's New Collections runway show at New York Fashion Week.

Ross Leonardy and Alexis Walsh with their Spire Dress backstage at the Oxford Fashion Studio’s New Collections runway show at New York Fashion Week.

The Spire Dress is turn it intod of over 400 individual tiles which were printed in SLS nylon by Shapeways and assembled by hand with metal ring connectors. The dress was turn it intod in 2013 and was previously shown at 3D Printshow events around the world, which include London 2014, Paris 2014, New York 2015, Madrid 2015 and Berlin 2015. Walsh was nominated for Fashion Designer of the Year at the 3DPrintshow Global Awards in 2014. The Spire Dress was featured in the initially print version of Disruptive Magazine and not long ago in Nire’s provocative Hopscotch music video.

Spire Dress. Photo by Jason Rowe, styled by Grace Hartnett and modeled by Loesie at Wilhelmina Models NY.

Spire Dress. Photo by Jason Rowe, styled by Grace Hartnett and modeled by Loesie at Wilhelmina Models NY.

Spire Dress. Photos by Jason Rowe, styled by Grace Hartnett and modeled by Loesie (Wilhelmina Models NY).

According to the text of 3D Printshow, “3D printed in four-hundred individual white nylon pieces, this ostentatious dress stands as the initially 3D printed garment to come out of New York’s many prestigious style college: Parsons The New School for Design, and was the outcome of six months of intensive self tutoring, learning of mistakes and gradually refining specialist processes. Maintaining a strict daily schedule, the conception, development and final execution of the piece incorporated the designing of a set of algorithms via Grasshopper – and ultimately the creation of six basic units.”

Walsh was awarded the inaugural Shapeways Education Grant in 2015, which she utilized to turn it into the LYSIS Collection. She turn it intod a style video of the LYSIS Collection, which can be seen at the end of this article. LYSIS was featured at the Interlaced 2015 runway show in London this past fall.

LYSIS Collection. Photos by Emily Elkins, modeled by Angela Olcott (APM Models), Hair/Makeup by Sophia Jose:


“Drawing inspiration of virulent forms and deterioration, Lysis Collection consists of constructions which mimic the growth of viral structures while blending organic shapes with rigid sculptural silhouettes. Through interdisciplinary fabrication, CAD modeling and 3D printing is combined with traditional handcrafting technique,” says Walsh, “The pieces were initially sketched, and and so turn it intod in the CAD program Rhino3D. The finished models were printed via Shapeways in white nylon, to be dyed and finished by hand post-production. Fabrics and leathers were and so attached directly to the 3D printed components, sewn through strategic openings in the creations. Trim details were turn it intod for accessories, which include a belt and choker necklace, via the 3Doodler 3D printing pen. The 3D printed components were funded through the generous award of the initially at any time Shapeways Education Grant.”

Alexis Walsh - Backstage

Designer Alexis Walsh backstage with models wearing her Spire Dress and LYSIS Collection.

Walsh was the recipient of Oxford Fashion Studio’s Sponsored Designer Invitation. Her creations were the closing collection of the Oxford Fashion Studio Autumn/Winter 2016 New York Fashion Week runway show. The Spire Dress was the final piece shown. She is already working on additional collaborations with Ross Leonardy; an upcoming 3D printed jewelry collection and a full 3D printed style collection. Walsh can be revealing her creations upcoming week at the Internet of Fashion Expo – Fashion Show Cocktail Reception during New York Market Week on February 23rd. The event is of 6:30pm – 9:30pm. If you’d like to attend you can send an RSVP to Tanya@theinternetofstyle.com.

Below are images of the Spire Dress and LYSIS collection of the Oxford Fashion Studio show, and the LYSIS style film:

Alexis Walsh - OFS NYFW - Spire DressAlexis Walsh - OFS NYFW - LYSIS 1Alexis Walsh - OFS NYFW - LYSIS 2Alexis Walsh - OFS NYFW - LYSIS 3Alexis Walsh - OFS NYFW - LYSIS 5Alexis Walsh - OFS NYFW - LYSIS 4Alexis Walsh - OFS NYFW - LYSIS 6