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Alex Czech’s Sci-Fi 3D Printed Exoskeleton Continues to Grow—Download to Don Legs & Feet Now Too!

by • July 17, 2016 • No Comments


The 3D printed exoskeleton arms and hands.

Whilst many projects are indeed one-hit wonders, innovations with a clear beginning and end, we see a few that only store building upon brilliant momentum—with one continual step after another. Clearly, that’s the case with a 3D printed exoskeleton that only continues to grow, thanks to the creative spirit of one Alex Czech, an Aussie developer who was inspired after seeing Matt Damon’s character decked out in sci-fi gear as he took on a really complex undertaking in Elysium. Not only manufacturing this create for himself, he’s eager for you to suit up too. And all it takes is one appear at the images to see that anyone may feel pretty powerful wearing this sturdy getup.

Beginning with the thought of manufacturing 3D printed universal joints, Czech ended up going so far as to manufacture an astounding 3D printed exoskeleton hand, consisting of 13 fabricated parts generated on his Up Plus 2 3D printer with a 14 x 15 x 15 cm create area. Indicating that his plans included a full suit, Czech has continued to manufacture progress of a fully 3D printed arm to now, an entire 3D printed exoskeleton for the legs and feet.

UntitledAnd while we’ve reported on numerous 3D printed medical devices of robotic prosthetic arms to 3D printed orthotics, Czech’s creation is intended purely for fun, many most likely attractive to the at any time expanding cosplay community, but we’d venture to say that the create beckons for just of anyone to try it on. First, you can require to download the files of Cults, where they are on the market for $21.00.

Czech printed all of these parts, again, on his Up Plus, but in addition utilized the Australian manufactured Wombot Exilis, that offers a create area of 10″ x 10″ x 13″. He reports too that the exoskeleton parts are really comfy to wear—and the next may hold robotics as the ‘suit’ create continues to expand.

“What you are downloading is the outcome of countless hours of test printing to donate you the many freedom of movement whilst yet feeling sturdy and solid,” says Czech. “I feel that this version brings us one step nearer to Matt Damon’s exoskeleton suit of Elysium.”

Once you’ve purchased and downloaded the files, you can want to check out free access to the guide manuals for 3D printing and assembly of both the exoskeleton legs and exoskeleton feet. There, Czech explains that the print is intended to be created with ABS 3D printing filament.


For the legs, you can require to purchase on the next extra supplies:

(16) Metal screws – (Sheet metal self-tapper pan screws 8G x 15mm)Super glue(4) Buckles (print of Thindonaterse or use old buckles)(1) Old belt(4) Some black plastic — Consolidated Alloys 500um Black Poly Dampcourse

And for the feet:

(8) Metal screws – (Sheet metal self-tapper pan screws 8G x 15mm)(12) Metal screws – (Sheet metal self-tapper pan screws 8G x 40mm)Super glue(4) Buckles – Print of Thindonaterse or use old buckles(2) Some black plastic — Consolidated Alloys 500um Black Poly Dampcourse

images (8)From guiding you through the 3D printing system to building the pieces with both guides and accompanying visuals, Czech manufactures the system of creating your own exoskeleton pretty easy. He offers tips and shows you how he created out his own create in terms of a few of the trickier assembly steps.

This is unquestionably a challenging project, but the guides truly are as step-by-step as you can at any time find. If sci-fi cosplay is one of your interests, this should you be a project you enjoy completing—and revealing off—as well as forging ahead fearlessly to 2154 to battle evil robots and save all those poor folks living in the ruins of earth. Be safe, and report back to us on your progress, please!

To follow Alex Czech and check out a few of his other creates, take a appear here. Is this a fewthing you can consider downloading and printing? Let’s talk of it additional over in the 3D Printed Exoskeleton Legs & Feet forum over at 3DPB.com.