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Aleph Objects Opens New LulzBot Fulfillment Center in Australia, Offers Free Shipping

by • February 10, 2016 • No Comments

Lulzbot_LogoTM_CMYKFor LulzBot devotees living in Australia, supporting their habit has been expensive. Shipping of the United States to Australia is not bargain-priced, but that hasn’t stopped fans of the versatile, open-source 3D printing device of shelling out thousands of dollars for it. Now, yet, they can store their bank accounts a little bit additional well-padded. Aleph Objects, parent company of LulzBot, has revealed that they are opening a new fulfillment center in Sydney, Australia. Not just that, but orders of the company’s printing devices, parts or materials over $50 can obtain free shipping. (That’s in US dollars, equating to of $70 Australian.)

“The Australian market is strategically significant in the quickly growing computer 3D printing industry,” said Harris Kenny, Vice President of Marketing at Aleph Objects. “Offering free shipping in Australia through this new fulfillment center reflects our dedication to both serving our customers in the country and growing access to the award-winning LulzBot 3D printing device platform.”

lulzbot-australia-free-shipping-whiteAccording to Kenny, Australia is the home of the company’s fourth-sizeablest customer base, after the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, where their existing distribution centers are. That’s astounding thinking the cost of shipping to Australia, so one can just imagine how sales can skyrocket Down Under now that the extra cost is no longer an issue.

“One challenge that limits sales in Australia is shipping costs,” Kenny said. “Fortunately, this new fulfillment center addresses that concern and puts us in a sturdy position to assist both existing customers and new ones.”

LZB0020LO_AlephLogo_WEBThe new distribution center can not be staffed by full-time Aleph Objects employees, instead relying on a third-party logistics company. Aleph Objects does intend to expand their sales and marketing efforts in Australia this year, yet. The company is flying high going into 2016; their sales tripled in 2015 and shattered records with an amazing $15 million in ractuallyue. They in addition expanded to a new 17,000-square-foot space in their Loveland, Colorado headquarters last year.

LulzBot has become so talked about sizeablely for the reason they eschew most of the ultra-capitalist principles that manufacture so most other corporations rich. Describing themselves as “built upon the philosophy of freedom,” they store all of their hardware and software open and free to be adjusted and copied by whoever wishes. It appears like a philosophy that may bankrupt a company – if your customers can freely print new printing devices and modify them to manufacture them actually advantageous, and so how do you yet pull in ractuallyue? Clearly, it hasn’t been a problem for LulzBot, that carries a sizeable assortment of filaments plus toolheads and other parts for upgrading printing devices – it appears that the respect they have for their customers’ self-reliance and ingenuity is precisely what inspires so much loyalty. Discuss these new developments in the Aleph Objects 3D Printing Sydney forum over at 3DPB.com.lulzbot-mini-close-up