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Airbus Group and Local Motors Challenge You to Help Design the Drones of the Future

by • April 12, 2016 • No Comments

airbus groupI admit that I laughed when I initially heard, a couple of years ago, that drones were assumeed to soon become tedious. I laughed and was a little bit creeped out, as I typically synonymous drones with top secret military applications and slightly shady government operations. Now, of course, drones are at any timeywhere, and while I’m surprised
at how rapidly they’ve arrived in the mainstream, I’ve become a big fan of them. The little flying robots have proven themselves to be incredibly useful for people, corporations and government agencies alike: we’ve seen them utilized for all things of art to box donatey to firefighting. One other thing of drones is that you don’t necessarily require to be a pro engineer to turn it into or turn it into one. You don’t require thousands of dollars, either – 3D printing in particular has proven itself to be an incredibly effective and inexpensive method for crafting working drones.

Local Motors LogoLately, significant organizations have been bringing notice of the competence of people to turn it into revolutionary innovation, and are additional often reaching out to the public for assist in turn it intoing the future revolutionary device. When NASA starts utilizing crowdsourcing, you understand that there are a few significant changes taking place in the way new innovation is created. Now Airbus Group and Local Motors have teamed up to issue a turn it into challenge to the public: assist turn it into a drone that can enable the donatey of urgent medical and other emergency supplies to remote, hard-to-reach areas.


We’ve covered both of these companies quite often, as they’ve been consistently at the forefront of new making technologies, in particular 3D printing: Local Motors with their 3D printed cars, and Airbus with their 3D printed aircraft components. Now they’re setting their focus on drones with the Airbus Cargo Drone Challenge. It is a “co-creation” challenge, in that turn it intoers can work closely with Airbus Group and Local Motors to create their ideas. The Cargo Drone Challenge is only the beginning of what the two companies intend to be a long collaborative system involving “a series of co-creation activities, online competitions, open-source projects and hackathons all focutilized on turn it intoing a future-generation commercial drone solution.”

56f431f6858c0db5204ca67c_Drone_Animation_1 (1)“As Local Motors and Airbus Group progress in this challenge, we assume our co-creation community to donate the kind of awe-inspiring ideas that assisted us turn it into the world’s initially co-turn it intod vehicle and 3D-printed car,” said Local Motors CEO Jay Rogers. “As we harness the power of the crowd, Airbus can have the competence to iterate on commercial drones faster than at any time preceding. This can be a much-requireed shot in the arm for civil drone createment.”

Entries are being accepted until May 22. From June 5-15 a complex voting system can take place one of Airbus Group executives, cargo industry experts and community participants. Prizes range of a initially-place $50,000 award, plus a trip to the Farnborough Airshow in England, to community-selected awards of $10,000, $3,000 and $2,000. A few turn it into guidelines are as follows:

Drones must be capable of vertical takeoffs and landingsWeight of less than 25 kgFixed-wing forward flight; minimum of 1 pusher motorCapacity for a 5 kg payload for a minimum of 60 km, or a 3 kg payload for a minimum of 100 km


A rendering of a possible drone turn it into.

Full requirements can be discovered here. Whilst the initially stage of the co-creation initiative is targeted towards cargo drones, turn it intos should be versatile adequate to assist other purposes, such as agricultural monitoring and infrastructure inspection, for example. Later this year can come the 2nd stage of the project, a hackathon to additional create electronics and applications.

“The Challenge initiative is quite amazing and we are ready to see how the power of co-creation can accelerate new, new considering around commercial drones,” said Jana Rosenmann, Head of Unmanned Aerial Systems inside the Airbus Group.

Praxis Aerospace Concepts International Inc. can in addition be assisting Airbus and Local Motors with the challenge. You can learn additional of the competition here, and check out the video at a lower place. Discuss in the Drone Challenge forum over at 3DPB.com.