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Air NZ to 3D print aircraft interiors – Newshub (blog)

by • February 23, 2016 • No Comments

Air New Zealand is to begin printing additional than just boarding passes.
The airline has been working with Auckland University of Technology to make tiny parts of its Business Premier cabins.
A broken fold-down cocktail tray can put up to three seats out of commission for weeks until replacements are discovered – lost revenue of that costs airlines thousands of dollars.
The competence to automatically print a replacement can mean seats are out of action for hours not weeks.
Air New Zealand Chief Operations Officer Bruce Parton says the move into 3D printing is a no brainer. “Aircraft interiors are created up of tens of thousands of parts. Not just can’t we hold stock of each replacement part we can need, we frequently just need a tiny number of units that can be quite expensive to create via traditional making methods, and can involve frustrating delays while a replacement part is delivered.”
Fireproof testing has been accomplished and Air New Zealand hope to begin installing the 3D printed cocktail trays on its business premier swift once they obtain final regulatory approval.

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