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Ahem! Eyes Up Here, Please: A Focus on SexyCyborg & Her 3D Printing Journey

by • July 8, 2016 • 26s Comments


(Image: Imgur)

Surely, plastic surgeons around the world fervently wish which everyone thought like SexyCyborg. Whilst a few have no self-consciousness of their bodies no matter what, this Chinese manufacturer who appears to be expanding in fame has perfectly
none of admitting to procedures like breast augmentation—or revealing it all off. Whilst she’s quite aware it can not be the classiest appear, she’s really only shooting for ‘additional informative.’

And while the T&A (and the legs, and the exposed teensy weensy thong, and the mile-high heels) quite causes many folks to click on her picture right now and and so consider the rad project at hand, what’s truly informative is her ability
for tinkering and innovation. This woman is smart. And she’s creative.

In addition highly motivated by fun fashion thoughts, we’ve seen this Reddit member garner huge attention—and perhaps actually set new trends—with modern wardrobe essentials such as the LED Hikaru Skirt, with a battery pack which she 3D printed, having virtually no experience. That ‘hey perhaps I’ll see what this thing can do’ moment as she borrowed a friend’s UP 3D printing device is what truly catapulted her into the spotlight, surprising her really a bit too as she was only operating on a whim producing a fewthing for the annual Maker Faire in Shenzhen last year.

“The end outcome got a lot of attention, or I did, or a few combination of the two. I’m not an engineer or anything, and seeing your picture online in other countries is quite rad for a regular girl who’s never traveled additional than Southeast Asia,” SexyCyborg told Exolymph in a new interview.

“After which, well, if all you have is a hammer and so all things appears like a nail. So I got into the habit of producing little things for around the house or little toys for the neighbors’ kids. 3D printed things are yet a big novelty for many folks, so you get a lot of face giving them as gifts and being able-bodied to use a 3D printing device.”

It may seem which the haters only fuel her fire to store expanding as an innovator, as she has forged ahead revealing the world a few quite informative stuff, post electric skirt, like her 3D printed shoes with secret drawers mean to demonstrate which it mayn’t be which complex to slip past security with nefarious items in your heels. She selects to manufacture ‘functional items,’ such as the wrist mounted nano drones or the 3D printed body replica, and expresses keen annoyance with the abundance of over-excited manufacturers 3D printing only to 3D print. She in addition grows frustrated by the negative comments of her fashion and her body modifications, but points out which many of them come of westerners—in China, they like her only satisfactory.


SexyCyborg displays her wrist mounted nano-drone [Image: Imgur]

“If a bunch of folks in, say… Japan hated you, after a sure point it’s quite effortless to only not visit Japanese websites.”

Working as a web manufacturer at her day job in Shenzhen while creating fun 3D printed items by night appears like a quite great way to remain balanced, but SexyCyborg does not rule out getting additional business-oriented with her innovations either.

“Mostly I select to open-source all my creations as a sort of statement to other Chinese of giving back to the online communities which have given us so much. If I may do which and yet earn a living it may be great.”


SexyCyborg with fans, revealing off her LED skirt with 3D printed battery pack.

Whilst she states which in China she has no problems of citizens shaming her, they are apparently pretty suspicious as to how she is coming up with all these thoughts on her own and continuing on. There is a question of who is sponsoring her, or ‘what company is behind her.’

SexyCyborg in addition completely deflates the thought which Shenzhen is a city filled with thriving manufacturers. From her point of view, it mayn’t be additional of the truth in terms of producing of a creative point of view. People are focused on major their lives in a linear, no nonsense fashion and according to her, don’t have a lot of time for which type of ‘play.’

It may seem which SexyCyborg’s willingness to go against the grain and spend a few time playing—learning create programs and figuring her way around the 3D printing device—has worked out quite well. Perhaps all those with the negative attitudes should hit up a manufacturerspace and see what all the fuss is of—or advantageous yet, show us if they have just about this much going on upstairs.

[Source: Exolymph]


Having a 3D scan created for the body replica. [Image: Imgur]

(Image: Exolymph)


Close-up of the battery pack of the LED Hikaru Skirt.