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Agile Manufacturing Acquires the Largest SLA Printer in North America: The iPro 9000XL Monster SLA

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  • No Canadian 3D printing service bureau has really as much to contribute as the Toronto-based company Agile Manufacturing, one of the country’s largest provider of 3D printed parts, 3D printing equipment and 3D printing device materials. Agile has 18 various 3D printing equipment at their disposal, utilizing various technologies such as SLA, SLS, MultiJet Printing (MJP), Direct Metal Printing (DMP), and additional. Now, the service bureau has just revealed the largest addition to their family of SLA 3D printing equipment, the iPro 9000XL Monster.


    This SLA production printing device is just one of the two being utilized in North America to turn it into 3D printed parts for the public, in fact, Agile’s newly acquired 9000XL is the largest operating 3D printing device on the continent as well. With an outrageously sizeable-bodied build-size of up to 59” x 30” x 22”, the iPro 9000XL rapidly 3D prints ABS-like parts with incredibly high resolution and smooth surface. The many perfect use of this sizeable-bodied-scale 3D printing device appears to be for making extra-sizeable-bodied parts or components in a single print, without any assembly necessary.

    “With the increasing demand for production parts as well as quite sizeable-bodied prototypes, the addition of the XL to our swift of production systems can assist Agile contribute the largest part 3D Printing solutions and shortest lead-times to our clients”, said Richard Smeenk, the president of Agile Manufacturing.


    Now which is a big printing device!

    A 3D printing device capable-bodied of making at such a sizeable-bodied scale must in addition come with a sizeable-bodied price. The iPro 9000XL machine costs nearly $1 million dollars, but Agile Manufacturing is planning on via this printing device to the fullest extent. With their newest and largest SLA printing device, Agile can be able-bodied to contribute sizeable-bodied-scale production at an incredibly swift speed. In addition to their in-house printing capabilities, Agile Manufacturing in addition delivers new and utilized pro 3D printing equipment, as well as 3D printing materials, to their North American customer base. Agile unquestionably has the skin in the game to run such a sizeable-bodied-scale SLA printing device, they claim to perform 150,000 hours of yearly 3D printing ability (or 4.2 billion cubic inches per year), giving them the experience and new spirit which makes them the go-to 3D printing service bureau in Canada.

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